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I am the worst at thinking of titles, so if anyone has any suggestions, fire em' at me.


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04/23/04 6:42 AM GMT
Nice work! i like the colors.
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carpe diem.
04/23/04 12:04 AM GMT
Very neonish, good job!
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04/23/04 5:25 PM GMT
Thank you very much Joost and Shane. As you can tell i like my abstracts simple. (Actually its the only way I know how to make them....LOL)
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"The hardships in life are what mould a person into being truly grateful for each and every thing they posses today."
04/26/04 6:06 AM GMT
Very nice image. I like your choice of colors; they really blend nice and great whirlpool design.
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"When I think of God, I think of what I can see, smell, taste, feel and benefit from; then I walk outside. I will not be controlled by any religion, I will simply bathe in the warmth of the sun and take within me, the sweetness of the earth. This is the only God I know and I will NEVER fear him!"
04/26/04 2:37 PM GMT
Thank you very much, Renee for the nice comment. I appreciate it very much.
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"The hardships in life are what mould a person into being truly grateful for each and every thing they posses today."
05/02/04 12:40 AM GMT
Ohhhh pretty
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`'·.¸(`'·.¸ «´¨`·.¸¸Silclov .¸¸.´¨`» ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´
05/02/04 6:08 AM GMT
Pretty good at your imagines. Keep it up.
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always try your best
05/10/04 4:42 PM GMT
Wow, the colours are amazing reminds me of water going down a water hole! very kool well done!
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§ *Jack* §
05/23/04 10:19 PM GMT
too cool
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10/18/04 4:19 AM GMT
Blue is my favorite color you know I'm going to love this one. Great work!!
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Member: & Your Friendly Neighborhood Quake Addict
01/04/05 12:19 AM GMT
Wonderful colors and depth of field in this image.Well done.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
08/16/05 4:16 PM GMT
My title would be doomsday cos it feels like a vortex to some place of death/suffering it's a great image tho so 10/10 from me
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08/16/05 4:20 PM GMT
i stink at coming up with titles too so dont feel bad! i looove the colors in this and the swirlie texture! 10/10 and keep it up
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"Welcome to America, now speak English"-Bumper Sticker go to:
04/14/06 4:33 PM GMT
I love this. GREAT JOB! :)
How do people do these cool pics?
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11/04/06 4:57 PM GMT
It looks fabulous

how do u people do this???
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