Dreamscape Wicked Energy Nexus Paradox  

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Uploaded: 06/30/12 4:30 AM GMT
Dreamscape Wicked Energy Nexus Paradox
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Need I say more? The witnessing of such a sight is rare to say the least, only remember to question yourself how long you stand in awe of such a remarkable frame of time such as this. (A later reiteration of an old illustration <--Did that rhyme? hmm I suppose it did ^.^)


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06/30/12 10:31 PM GMT
You have taken me to a place that I should not be. I will linger long enough to absorb a small amount of energy. I feel a restless night ahead of me. [Buzz has set in] I'll let you know how it goes
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I Love Cloudy Days
06/30/12 11:29 PM GMT
I'm glad to be your travel guide Dan to such a place Dan ^~^
Sometimes the places we should not be are exactly the place we must go to escape for a time apart from the surreal most refer to as life.

Always awesome to hear that my digital work doesn't go unappreciated.
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Forget not that we are all only star dust, flowing in a sea of experience. To wonder the nature of the universe, is but to ask the nature of ourselves.. 2011 In Lak'ech

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