Summit Lake  

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Uploaded: 07/18/03 6:59 PM GMT
Summit Lake
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Taken in Beautiful Colorado


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07/18/03 7:56 PM GMT
This is breathtakingly spectacular!
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07/18/03 11:40 PM GMT
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"Have you ever noticed that anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"
07/19/03 12:17 AM GMT
Welcome to the site and thanks for contributing you photos. PS: you have to put a http:// in the link for it to work correctly.
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07/19/03 12:27 AM GMT
umm caedes it does work correctly
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07/19/03 1:33 AM GMT
Maybe the site was down when i tried?
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07/19/03 2:43 AM GMT
yea the site was down :) its up now :)
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08/29/03 7:43 PM GMT
Was this taken in Rocky Mountain National Park? I think I've been there... nice work btw
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08/30/03 2:39 AM GMT
no, it was taken near Mount Evans Scenic Byway. And thanks for the comment :)
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10/11/03 5:42 PM GMT
those mountains are just plain cool
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You laugh because im diffrent i laugh because you're all the same
11/23/03 12:48 AM GMT
Very beautiful.
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carpe diem
01/18/04 10:01 PM GMT
FAR OUT!!!!!! sorry been watching scooby doo the movie bit much with my niece....
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02/25/04 7:37 PM GMT
Double WHOA!! Didn't even have to see this full size to vote it awesome!
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03/14/04 8:45 PM GMT
this was one of the first photos i sure when i came to caedes and i loved it strat away you have great talent good work
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-- Everyone’s opinion counts --
05/07/04 9:27 PM GMT
Really nice, peaceful atmosphere! Lovely!
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§ *Jack* §
05/07/04 10:07 PM GMT
the colours are so natural ... i love it
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08/02/04 10:34 PM GMT
Beautiful, not much else to say, 'cept for 10/10 :)
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09/27/04 5:28 PM GMT
i wanna go hiking there. now.
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11/10/04 2:00 AM GMT
Wow! The sides of the mountain look so sheer and smooth- like a bowl. Great work!
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Even my imaginary girlfriend dumped me...
11/10/04 5:57 AM GMT
Great work!!
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Member: & Your Friendly Neighborhood Quake Addict
11/10/04 11:29 AM GMT
Very nice picture.
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12/29/04 11:27 AM GMT
brillian. bloudy brilliant.
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01/30/05 8:42 PM GMT
The mountains seem unreal, kinda abstract... Awsome view!!! Well done!! ^_~
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~What part of "meow" don't you understand?~
05/20/05 11:57 PM GMT
Great shot. Very Bev Doolittle.
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You're invited to tour my gallery ••• º¹º¹ºº¹¹º¹¹º¹ºººº¹¹º¹ºººº¹¹º¹ººº
10/06/05 9:26 AM GMT
Sweeeeet! 10/10!
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"Better a fantastic image of something plain, than a bad image of something great!"
10/07/05 1:54 PM GMT
great shot. it's as if everything in the picture is coming to an area in the center of the photograph.. right above where the water ends and land begins.
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10/21/05 7:54 PM GMT
that image is amazing, and im lucky to be at school on one of te G5 s with a nice monitor they got LCD and this is really good, so much better than at home, good job
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I am what i am and i do what i can...
10/22/05 10:32 PM GMT
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" Your denial is beneath you, and thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I see through you." ALZCO
10/29/05 11:24 PM GMT
Great shot
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11/18/05 9:51 PM GMT
compositional excellence - if thats a word
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To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.
01/15/06 10:04 AM GMT
it actuall feels that if you are standing right there! -man this is an awesome shot...good work
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02/17/06 5:50 AM GMT
Really nice picture. Nice and sharp.
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Old Indian saying: "Don't spit into the wind."
02/23/06 2:14 AM GMT
I have been here but never have seen it like this. Great shot. Very clear and sharp.
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03/08/06 8:22 AM GMT
what majic is this. Just awesome image work. Well done.
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Kindly visit my gallery.
03/10/06 12:14 AM GMT
This is an extremely dynamic photo. I hereby congratulate you for this. Wonderful.
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"A photograph is often looked at...rarely looked into." -Ansel Adams
03/10/06 1:00 AM GMT
Very cool picture...I hope to see stuff like this when I visit Colorado this summer.
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04/08/06 4:15 AM GMT
Mike - Really nice shot. Good foreground interest with outstanding depth of field. Your photo was able to capture the depth and elevation of the far background, good work.
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
07/04/06 6:10 AM GMT
My goodness, what an amazing shot. If it were me, I'd be the dumb guy with the polarized lens on the camera then and screw the whole thing up. Very well done!
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I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
08/16/06 2:36 AM GMT
Very cool. Very.
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08/19/06 3:11 PM GMT
Incredible beautifull image, thanks so much for posting it here at caedes.
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09/10/06 3:36 PM GMT
Beautifully sharp, Crisp & Clear. 10/10
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02/04/09 7:36 PM GMT
Very Nice!! I like this unusual shot!!
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05/08/15 1:27 AM GMT
My goodness! This is stunningly beautiful!
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