Happy Holidays  

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Uploaded: 12/23/03 6:07 PM GMT
Happy Holidays
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This was taken last night at the Denver City and County Building near Civic Center in Denver. A trip here will definetly get you in the mood of Christmas. Thanks for looking!


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12/23/03 6:43 PM GMT
Oh man!! Stunning colors!! Great picture........ then again, I don't remember you ever posting a lame one. :c)
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12/23/03 7:21 PM GMT
lol aswome nice jon very colorful place
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You only live once take it to the extreme -_- ^(_)^ Shiznet ^(_)^
12/23/03 8:13 PM GMT
Piner said it all, first and best. Wonderful shot! (And your website is pretty awesome, too, Michael.)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
12/23/03 8:55 PM GMT
Nice picture! Very festive. Can't put Nativity scenes in front of the county or state building around here though... (separation of church and state...)
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12/23/03 9:16 PM GMT
Nice capture, Michael. I actually recognized the place from the thumbnail.
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
12/23/03 10:36 PM GMT
WOW! That is cool! Amazing. Thanks for taking this pic and sharing!
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12/23/03 11:21 PM GMT
Spectacular... makes my dinky little tree look pretty lame. :-)
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
12/24/03 8:28 AM GMT
ditto! How lovely to see images of Christmas from the other side of the world.
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never give up
12/24/03 2:10 PM GMT
Hehe... Unusual Yenom's picture. Very nice for the 'holidays' gallery.
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12/25/03 7:16 PM GMT
Very nice and and beautiful pic,nice colors.
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carpe diem
12/30/03 10:42 AM GMT
wonderful ... simply wonderful ... you can be proud of your city
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02/04/04 1:20 AM GMT
very cool picture love the colors even tho its not close to chirstmas anymore its still an awesome picture.
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-always and forever, later days-
02/19/04 2:59 AM GMT
Stunning, speechless
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- |\/|c]{inleySh -
02/25/04 7:41 PM GMT
I can't wait for Christmas to put this on my desktop!!!! Thanks.
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05/10/04 2:58 AM GMT
I live in CO; we always go see that building every Christmas
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11/11/04 4:35 AM GMT
Awesome pic. Well done. Keep up the good work. Great colors reflecting on the building.
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01/05/05 4:12 AM GMT
Nice image, perfect exposure!

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"What other reason could there be to get up in the morning except to set ourselves free." If my comment on your work ever seems to criticise, it does not. It is always so that we may learn together.
01/23/05 12:02 AM GMT
Lovely! Abslutely lovely!
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03/07/05 4:58 AM GMT
I was just about to log off when I saw this and just had to stop and comment...this is incredible!!!...glorious colors and clarity seldom seen...10++ and in my favs.:Pat.
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"What's the earth with all its' art, verse, music, worth--Compared with LOVE, found, gained, and kept?" (Robert Browning)
03/26/05 3:03 PM GMT
That is a very good picture that is a ten for sure
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05/30/05 2:24 AM GMT
wow makes me want to go this christmas season..... awesome image.... take care
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To the world you may be only one person but to one person you may be the world .......... take care ya'll
07/10/05 7:00 PM GMT
This looks so awesome!!!! I give it a perfect 10!
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08/31/05 3:14 AM GMT
oooooo lights!!!
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"As if there was only one last golden day of peace to enjoy with Ron, and Hermione." ~ J.K. Rowling
11/27/05 2:29 AM GMT
I used to live in Denver, but never got a chance to go to the actual lighting.
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12/18/06 8:23 PM GMT
Good job capturing the best of Denver!
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Save the Earth! It's the only known planet with Chocolate!
12/20/06 4:19 AM GMT
wow! that is beautiful. love it!!
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08/03/07 12:05 AM GMT
A wonderful photo...

Kind regards,


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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
08/28/07 8:17 PM GMT
I thought I recognized that building. I was there, but it was summer. Deffinately have to see it in December sometime.
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Imagine you are there
12/02/07 4:57 AM GMT
Beautiful photograph of a beautiful setting
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10/03/20 1:17 AM GMT
That's a beautiful photograph. Well done.
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10/30/20 3:39 AM GMT
The colors are fantastic.
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12/03/20 4:09 AM GMT
Such a beautiful shot.
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