Clear Moving Waters  

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Uploaded: 01/17/04 7:59 PM GMT
Clear Moving Waters
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Dlds: 1898
Status: active

Taken just below the frozen Boulder Falls here in Colorado. It was a rather warm day (25 F) considering it was at an elevation of 7200 ft. Thanks for looking :)


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01/17/04 10:08 PM GMT
Geat color and detail!
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"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle
01/18/04 1:30 AM GMT
Wow, the ice almost looks digital. Very nice job here.
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01/18/04 6:04 AM GMT
You are the master of water and ice. Wow! This capture is awesome, even more so at high resolution. Thank you, Yenom.
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
01/18/04 1:05 PM GMT
Incredible picture!
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
01/18/04 11:58 PM GMT
I love the way the sharp detail of the ice stands out from the movement blur of the water. and the colours are great too. Magnificent!
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01/19/04 6:30 PM GMT
nothing more to say... O______O' -10-
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01/19/04 9:12 PM GMT
Agree with Simon TOTALLY!
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01/20/04 12:44 AM GMT
What I want to know is, how did you move the stream into a studio? Because there is no way you could take a pic like this outside...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
01/20/04 9:38 PM GMT
Great googa mooga man. This is a great picture! :)
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06/21/04 4:01 PM GMT
Truely brilliant image!
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07/25/04 12:45 AM GMT
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07/30/04 6:42 PM GMT
wow! One of the best ice/water pictures, i've ever seen. Inredible job!!
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12/22/04 2:50 AM GMT
Very beautiful!!
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03/10/05 11:15 AM GMT
I love this. It's beautiful. The blue smoke-like swirls are making it unreal, as well. I can't think of anything else to say. Nice shot.
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May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back...
03/23/05 1:52 AM GMT
Wow astonishing image! if you haddn't said it was real I would have though it was computer generated :0))!
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08/29/05 11:04 AM GMT
I would give this a straight 10 for excellent composition, colour, clarity and putting up with cold hands on the long exposure!

Keep it up

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04/24/21 10:21 AM GMT
This is quite simply a work of art and beauty!
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