Black Capped Chickadee  

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Uploaded: 03/04/04 4:07 AM GMT
Black Capped Chickadee
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Just a Black Capped Chickadee hiding in a snow covered bush. Thanks for looking :) And thanks for commenting :)


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03/04/04 6:20 AM GMT
Awesome. Period.
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
03/04/04 6:41 AM GMT
It is so nice that these little guys stay around all winter! Very nice shot Mike:-)
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03/04/04 12:26 AM GMT
Beautiful capture. Lovely detail and light - excellent work!
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03/04/04 2:09 PM GMT
Wonderful shot! Superb colour gamma!
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Ars longaaaaa, vita brevis... Nicky
03/04/04 7:12 PM GMT
Great capture!!! Professional work!
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
03/06/04 5:03 PM GMT
Great and beautiful,shot.
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carpe diem.
03/21/04 6:42 AM GMT
Wow.Way cool. Thank you! In my fav's.
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Always, Mimi
12/06/04 6:52 PM GMT
The little bird is so cute! This is awesome!
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12/30/04 7:47 PM GMT
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12/30/04 9:14 PM GMT
It is soooo hard to find a clear photo featuring a bird. Thanx for sharing it!
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~What part of "meow" don't you understand?~
05/23/05 9:39 PM GMT
What a great picture. That bird is adorable.
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07/16/05 3:22 PM GMT
In the first place you got a great clear shot of a chickadee, and you ALSO have GREAT surroundings in the shot. This is awesome! Good work!
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You can't expect people to look eye to eye with you if you are looking down on them. - unknown
07/16/05 9:49 PM GMT
Great shot - the only thing I don't like about it is the branch that got blurred in the bottom left foreground, which distracts from the chickadee.
But it's still a good photo!
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09/01/05 10:53 AM GMT
Wow, I just stumbled on this amaaazing picture. It's just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing it! 10 here and a new favorite. Quiet
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~"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths" (Prov. 3:6).~
02/26/06 7:35 PM GMT
Wonderful! 10/10
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04/02/06 3:58 AM GMT
Beautiful! I love the shadows and the great focus on the chickadee.
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04/08/06 6:49 PM GMT
saweet!! :) Masterful job in focusing. How long of a lens did you use?
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if at first you don't succeed, you're about normal.
10/20/08 5:43 PM GMT
Great shot...the snow in combination with this bird makes me smile.
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03/23/11 2:29 PM GMT
something about this pic does make me smile, possibly the adorable clumsiness of the chick, but the snow effect is great
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