April Snow in the Canyon  

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Uploaded: 04/11/04 3:47 AM GMT
April Snow in the Canyon
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Here is my favorite place Eldorado Canyon Earlier today! It was truly beautiful, the recent snow (12in in the canyon) really made the photo.Thanks for all the wonderful comments :) They are greatly appreciated!


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04/11/04 4:06 AM GMT
Great shot. agree with you the recent snow realy adds alot. nice job
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04/11/04 4:16 AM GMT
The snow gives it a nice accent. Great capture. :c)
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04/11/04 5:05 AM GMT
Wonderful shot! I can smell the clean air and feel the fresh chill.
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"Be Prepared . . ."
04/11/04 7:44 AM GMT
I like the saturation colour for the green.Well done 08/10
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04/11/04 3:16 PM GMT
This is a quality photo in my opinion. I get the same sense as Henry (captk2071) from it.
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B.J. ;)
04/11/04 4:02 PM GMT
Excellent! You captured the exact moment that makes springtime in the Rockies so beautiful.
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
04/11/04 6:13 PM GMT
This is an awesome shot. It looks manipulated but I can't quite figure out how. onto my desktop. It reminds me that we got 9" of snow yesterday and the daffodils are wearing little white caps here in the Colorado Rockies. Keep em coming.
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04/15/04 9:42 AM GMT
Beautiful light, and nice variation between the sharp foreground and the misty depths further back. Very nice indeed :-)
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04/22/04 6:09 PM GMT
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08/16/04 2:53 AM GMT
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Like bringing a knife to a gun fight.
02/04/06 10:15 AM GMT
Awe inspiring shot! Great work.
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04/07/06 4:26 AM GMT
Wow. You must have been awestruck as you stood before this. Beautifully crafted, framed, and photographed. Love all the gentle colors that in spite of the snow give offa warmth to the composition.
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11/29/06 1:24 PM GMT
I love winter, snow, cold, silence, tranquility, mystery, isolation - in terms of pictures (LOL) - this image has them all. nice !!!!!
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Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
07/31/09 2:00 AM GMT
Stunning ... you work is fantastic!!
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