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Uploaded: 05/07/04 3:34 AM GMT
Open Skies
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Here is a Windmill in the endless American Prairie. Taken in the Pawnee National Grasslands in Northeastern Colorado. I love the way the windmill looks in this one The sky was completely empty of clouds before thunderstorms started to develope. Be sure to check out my other new photos Thanks for taking the time to look/comment.


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05/07/04 7:25 AM GMT
Beautiful image!! like the colors!Great shot.
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carpe diem.
05/07/04 7:26 AM GMT
Haaa... A new photos's gust from Yenom. Superb in fullsize, as always. Thanks to share with us, Michael :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
05/07/04 8:02 AM GMT
Excellent style.
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05/07/04 5:47 PM GMT
Amazing shot. I love the wide open spaces of this. It almost reminds me of the Karoo (where I live) except, here there would be some mountains barely visible in the far distance.
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- Let me show you the world through my eyes... - ICQ: 212610647
05/08/04 6:17 AM GMT
I like the feeling of solitude. Nicely done.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
05/12/04 4:05 AM GMT
Love the subject matter.
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05/14/04 12:52 AM GMT
Living in Nebraska all my life, this looks more like a native tree here in the heartland. I give this a 10.
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05/15/04 12:25 AM GMT
simple but beautiful
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♥ In my field of paper flowers. Candy clouds of lullaby ♥
06/06/04 6:38 PM GMT
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07/17/04 11:17 AM GMT
a great pic. So lonely in feeling.
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07/20/04 3:52 AM GMT
i really love this picture, it's so awesome! it's been on my desk top for days!
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10/16/04 2:56 AM GMT
That's how I feel sometimes. Great shot.
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02/23/05 10:13 PM GMT
This is a very artistic shot. You have great judgement about the simple compositions in your work. I like the layout of it all; makes a top notch wallpaper. Perfect room for icons and the like. Nice work!
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"Why does mineral water that has 'trickled through mountains for centuries' go out of date next year?"
05/06/05 6:19 PM GMT
¡¡Excelente trabajo!!
¡¡Excellent work!!
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Saludos Regards From Spain
03/21/06 7:34 PM GMT
Great shot, Michael... I really like the sheer simplicity of it.
Keep up the good work!
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05/06/10 11:52 PM GMT
Simply plain and beautiful. Terrific shot.
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