reptilian catwalk  

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reptilian catwalk
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..from my zoo at home.. one of my snakes, called Morgan, chiling on the roof of his cave. The picture is fare from perfect, but i thought i would share anyways, since i like the angle and the "pose" he's doing. (or part of him is doing..) Morgan is an 4 year old Honduran Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula), hybrid, approx 183 cm long


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08/18/12 1:41 AM GMT
What a magnificent creature, the name seems fitting.
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I Love Cloudy Days
08/23/12 2:12 AM GMT
I second Fifthbeatle, what a marvelous snake. The colors and long sleek lines suggest a lethal torpedo or missile. I've wondered, can snakes show affection to a human? Are they capable of learning new behaviors? I also like the spare enclosure, it really showcases Morgan well. What a beauty.
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08/23/12 7:09 AM GMT
thanks for the nice words guys.
Russ, regarding your question: I've had snakes for a couple of years now; Morgan, who i got fullgrown from a colleague from work (her son had gotten tired of Morgan) and Edmund, who i got when he was still a baby (he's about 4 month old now). These guys are both kingsnakes but have very different behavior.. Morgan is a bit jumpy and not too social, while Edmund is completly the opposite and actually seems to like contact with humans. If they can show affection.. well im not sure. i've got a few animals at home and in my experience when it comes to reptiles and amphibians (in general) its more a matter of they accepting me being around them, then actually affection. Must admit though that Edmund get me wondering from time to time...
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