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Uploaded: 06/03/13 3:33 PM GMT
Evidence of yesterday
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found this old phone on the attic at my old workplace. i still remember them being in use in my childhood and my grandparents holding on to theirs, years after everyone else had gotten new ones. most of the setting was allready there, had to empty the table and move the chair but thats all. The old chair added (in my mind) to the feel of a childhood long past. Technology makes us move faster and faster and allways forward; sometimes we have to stop and perhaps even dare to look back, or we might end up derailed.. small adjustments in photoshop; mostly color and shadows


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06/04/13 7:02 AM GMT
This unprepossessing image is quite thought provoking. It shows two different views to the outside world, the window and the telephone. Put a laptop there and you would have a complete set.

That said, the image itself has a wonderful composition. The three points of light (window and two reflections) separated by the strong lines of the desk and wall create a balance of light and dark within the symmetry that works well. It could probably be tweaked slightly to align some points with the thirds rule, and give the window a little more room on the left, but the slight skew adds a touch of quaintness.
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