..never a straight line  

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Uploaded: 02/02/14 11:25 AM GMT
..never a straight line
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from my zoo at home.. this is King Arthur, my year old ball python (python regius), aprox 70 cm. He has a mild temper and allthough he aint a big fan of being handled too much (not many snakes are..), he never acts aggressive or tries to get to away. For food, he gets mice and are a quick and effective killer. Arthur is most active during nights and as his enclosure stand close to my computerscreen, I often get company during long night in front of the screen..


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02/02/14 6:28 PM GMT
Well Zunen, I think everyone should have a pet PYTHON! Lovely colors and King Arthur even smiled for the photo. Cool.
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02/02/14 7:25 PM GMT
One serious question: what do you know about any possible relations to be developed between a dog and a big snake ? Such a clean additional pet could be fine for my Boris if only they could get together ...
Your Arthur's nature would suit me very much. I am not too crazy about being handled either :) And neither Boris is.
Love your cute little pet !!!
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
02/04/14 5:28 PM GMT
hey Sam & Saab.
To answer your question (the short version): I doubt it can be done.. I have had a lot of different animals over the years and in my experience snakes (and reptiles in general) are hard to "combine" with other animals. They dont "bond" with their owner, but tolerate him/her as long as the food keeps coming and generally only shows a very few sings of "emotions" or interest in social interactions in their behavier. Since I havnt had my dog (Bob) more than a few months, I cant claim to have any insights into canines, but at home I keep dog and snakes seperately, since I doubt a positive outcome in interactions between them.
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05/06/14 6:48 AM GMT
Cool! Faved...
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