The new girl  

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Uploaded: 05/05/14 4:04 PM GMT
The new girl
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..from my zoo at home.. This is my new spider Esmaralda, a Mexican Redknee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi). She's 2 years old and about 8 cm across. Nothing fancy but still a very gorgeus girl! Looking forward to the photoshots of the future!


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05/05/14 4:42 PM GMT
I have one of these spiders myself and you captured the spider very nicely with lovely natural colours and stunning detail as well.Does yours like flicking hair as well lol.
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05/05/14 7:11 PM GMT
Well, I must be missing something. Roger has one of these too!!! Just seems like an unusual "pet." Beautiful colors Zunen!
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05/05/14 7:11 PM GMT
well whatever ,I like spiders and not feared of them but no !! good pic tho ...
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05/06/14 6:46 AM GMT
Ohh...She's beautiful! Faved...
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05/06/14 6:47 AM GMT
Superb specimen and excellent close-up! Congratulations.
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05/06/14 7:56 AM GMT
Nothing would ever make me view this monster in full size :) !!!!
Viewing from safe distance it is a beauty though ...
SAM & SAAB both scared of spiders like hell!
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/04/14 12:54 AM GMT
Grew up in AZ with tarantulas thanks. I respect nature and all elements of nature but no way would I have one of these around.
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