Magical Tree at Sunset  

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Uploaded: 02/24/04 11:42 PM GMT
Magical Tree at Sunset
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Another picture made originally in Bryce 5 and then manipulated in Photoshop. Inspired partially by SketchingFaerie's 'Elementary Orbs'. I'm also trying to get myself back into the swing of playing around with Bryce. I'm not altogether happy with this one, but we'll see.


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02/25/04 12:22 AM GMT
Oh I think this one is great. definately on of my favorites. Great colors. Excellent job
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02/25/04 1:01 AM GMT
I really like the red tones you used, and the border is great! Too many of the stars/suns - especially the larger ones - they're a little distracting for me.
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02/25/04 1:33 AM GMT
I definitely agree about the little lights. I had made them originally in Bryce but they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. So I did some lens flares in Photoshop and was somewhat happier. The thing that distracts me, personally, and annoys me the most is the border. It seems too bright in contrast to everything else, but it was the only thing that really fit well.
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02/25/04 1:45 AM GMT
Excellent, its in my favouites.
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02/25/04 1:53 AM GMT
really great 10 and in my favorites.
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02/25/04 2:25 AM GMT
I like the idea that you have going here. I think for the lights you should have just used the paintbrush tool. You can control the size, the intensity and the color much easier. The borders are nice - they bring out the horizon. You could have possible added a tiny bit of pink color to pull it all together or just darkening them using the brightness/contrast would have been fine. The lone dark tree in with all of that color is very striking and works for this. Good job.
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02/25/04 4:04 AM GMT
I like the way the red, grey and black work together in this image. I think there are just a few too many of the lens flares in there though. The sunset in the background really gives the picture good depth combined with the bright horizon line.
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02/25/04 12:05 AM GMT
This image works so well as a thumbnail but just too many points of light large scale - This is the case with heaps of images - I guess it comes down to whether or not they are destined for desktops. But a great concept and execution.
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02/27/04 12:15 AM GMT
Great pic, like the orbs of light
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02/27/04 6:53 PM GMT
Great image. Personally I don't like the orbs of light, but tastes differ. If it wasn't for the orbs I would definitely use this image as a wallpaper.
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02/28/04 9:13 PM GMT
Great Image...thats all I got.
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03/11/04 11:37 PM GMT
The white light and gray contrast with the wonderful red/black thing you have with this, so If you switched to a red light source and some other color for the floating balls, and dimmed the borders to more of a charcoal shade, it would look a lot better.
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03/19/04 9:23 AM GMT
very cool
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Clayton H. Bramlett
03/27/04 4:13 AM GMT
Once again, I myself like the balls of light amungst the red
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04/09/04 7:28 AM GMT
I like it alot, it reminds me of "The Ring". Well done!
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05/11/04 12:36 AM GMT
i love Trees and abstract this is awsome!!
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07/20/04 3:09 AM GMT
my mom had this picture on her desktop for the longest time! lol
it's really nice, good job
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08/01/04 6:33 PM GMT
This is a very interesting image. Maybe some day I'll be able to afford the time to learn this art form, that you do so well.
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11/14/04 11:30 AM GMT
thanks alot..I like this
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06/22/05 10:55 PM GMT
Very beautiful! Excellent work!
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06/22/06 4:21 PM GMT
Great colors, great job
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03/22/07 11:12 PM GMT
stunning. this is just beautiful
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06/04/07 3:21 PM GMT
wonderful job
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