The Silhouette Of The Tree Overshadowed The Sunset  

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Uploaded: 03/19/11 8:53 PM GMT
The Silhouette Of The Tree Overshadowed The Sunset
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The picture was taken in an open field just 30+ km away from my city. It was the time of Sunset. At that moment I was playing with the different angels. This one I liked. So I have uploaded. Hope you like it too. :) Thank you in advance for any comments.


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03/20/11 8:34 AM GMT
Excellent work Amit! the warm tones throughout this scene!..And, it also works with the tree right in the centre of the image
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03/21/11 7:21 AM GMT
Nice shot
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We are but humble fish swimming in the sea of life
03/21/11 3:40 PM GMT
Nice how you captured and centered the leafy shadowed tree limbs with the setting sun behind..pretty!
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03/22/11 6:13 AM GMT
A lovely sunset sky in the background and a nice silhouette of the tree.
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03/24/11 1:29 PM GMT
I do like this - very much. It is a peaceful scene with a lot of atmosphere which will appeal to many.
Nice work :)
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