Tracks Below The Bridge  

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Uploaded: 04/04/11 7:09 PM GMT
Tracks Below The Bridge
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The picture shows tracks going underneath a small bridge. You can see the bridge holds a water pipeline. On both sides the tracks are small roads used by some villagers living close by. Link to the Modified Image


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04/04/11 11:59 PM GMT
Nice time of day to photo the double track and the water pipe line overhead...very interesting photo!

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04/06/11 2:36 AM GMT
Very nice light and an unusual view.
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04/06/11 4:35 AM GMT
Amit this is a beautiful scene and you composed it so well, But I feel that with the blown sky it would have been better in b&w or even change the sky.
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04/08/11 7:02 PM GMT
The sky certainly spoils it for me, and the tilted horizon. Cropping down on the tracks could produce a slightly abstract and more interesting image.
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