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Uploaded: 11/07/03 1:57 AM GMT
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Piano Strings and Soundboard detail.


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11/07/03 3:20 AM GMT
Well done!
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11/07/03 4:18 AM GMT
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11/07/03 11:02 PM GMT
Thanks. I've been doing digital photography and other stuff for a while, and I've always been a big fan of Caedes, this is my first submission... I'm glad you like it..
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11/08/03 4:15 PM GMT
i like the lighting a lot, as well as the layout. however, the background is probly do busy, i don't know what those objects back there are. and the focus, which is centered around the middle, plain part of the strings, may have been better placed.
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It's funny how the tables turn, turn, turn, turn.
11/08/03 7:42 PM GMT
Very nice.
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carpe diem
11/13/03 3:28 AM GMT
Not often does someone capture the beauty of the inner workings of a piano. It really is an art how it all comes together - hammer on string, vibrations of sound - to make any noise at all. Beautiful work.
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"We had our music and we had our love. We didn't need anything else."
12/04/03 1:58 AM GMT
Well you have certainly acheived alot for a first submission... an excellent photo and third place in the competition... keep contributing!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
12/19/03 2:50 AM GMT
Wow, thanks for the honour... Totally Unexpected!!
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12/27/03 12:48 AM GMT
Nice perspective
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12/27/03 8:13 PM GMT
Beautiful pic.
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02/22/04 2:44 AM GMT
It's got a good sense of perspective to it. I can almost smell the piano. You know...that good ol' smell of poplar wood?
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05/10/04 1:23 AM GMT
I must say, this is the best "no frills" site I've been to. Very creative mental conceptions.
It's a pleasure to navigate as I have been frustrated at many others.Please excuse my
not commenting on the previous pic's, I was just really excited to find a site that would
allow some fresh spark. I'm recent to the web,so as soon as I get a few hours under my
belt, I will submit some very fine photo's myself. Again, great site and thanks,
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05/12/04 2:35 AM GMT
i think this one should have gotten #1 in the music competition. i think its very nice and i prefer unaltered photos any day!
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05/20/04 8:19 AM GMT
just the job ,thanks
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10/15/04 7:15 AM GMT
My wife is a musical nut! I know she will love this! I can't believe I found this site by accident. We are always looking for something new for desktop and I agree with one of your other members that it is a refreshing change to be able to browse a free site without a lot of pop up windows, etc. I know my wife will be excited to be able to upload some pics and enter some contests! Thanks again.
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11/28/04 6:53 PM GMT
I can smell the copper strings! Great Job
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12/11/04 1:50 AM GMT
Awesome. I've never really seen the inside of a piano before. I'm a music lover and a musician wanna be so this image is like a Christmas present to me lol. Awesome job. Can't wait to see what other images you submit to caedes.
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01/03/06 5:17 PM GMT
I love the inner works of instruments that others might miss or might not shoot. You might create the magic on the other end but it's no less facinating seeing what it takes to get there. Great detail shot
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01/26/06 4:54 PM GMT
What make is that piano? It looks a lot like my august forster.
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07/27/06 3:37 AM GMT
I like the focus on this one, and the angle. The wood maybe looks a little golden, but it works really.
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