Requalification of Barrinha .58  

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Uploaded: 04/04/20 9:48 PM GMT
Requalification of Barrinha .58
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It is an evil of our democracy .... Promises in electoral campaigns, beginning of works at the end of mandates (some of these works that do not even end), everything to get to the perch (as my mother says). Once the perch is acquired, the canary song is different. But we've been living with it for almost 46 years, so it doesn't matter. This is what happened, and I hope to be mistaken, in the Barrinha Requalification work. It started in an electoral year (2019) and everything indicates, it will be on standby until 2023 (but we also have to remember that it was decades and decades waiting for its beginning). Was it because of the corona/virus? I can't believe it, because they say that in 3 months everything will be fine. So, let's not despair. Here we see, in look, the expulsion of waste from Barrinha .... A splendid week for everyone


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