Cherry Blossom Tree 1  

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Uploaded: 03/02/12 6:13 AM GMT
Cherry Blossom Tree 1
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This was taken on April 9, 2010, in Washington, DC. I was lucky enough to have a trip there at the tail end of cherry blossom season, and managed to dash over to the area near the Jefferson Memorial before my flight home and snap a few pictures of the cherry trees on the bank of the Potomac River. First time posting here; don't have a very high-tech camera, but I'm taking a stab at posting some of the better pics of the bunch. All of the cherry blossom photos are posted in honor of my Aunt, who was with me when I took them, and is now battling cancer.


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03/02/12 3:26 PM GMT
Beautiful colors. Welcome to Caedes.
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03/02/12 7:45 PM GMT
Welcome to the site, aprillily.


Very nice first posting/upload. Cherry trees are indeed eye-catching when blossoming and you did well with your camera here.

Colours are natural, exposure is good good.

I do have a suggestion for you, if I may.. with respect to locking the focus on your camera prior to depressing the shutter button.

Here is a quick and concise read/tutorial of sorts:

"Using Focus Lock on Your Autofocus Camera"

The reason I make mention of this, is the foreground or closet blooms are somewhat blurred.

In my humble opinion, and given that you composed the shot well ... you could strengthen the visual impact by having these closet blooms in focus, rather than blurred. Such that, the rest of your image/tree becomes a wonderfully coloured and blurred backdrop for them. Instead of vice versa.

Just some creative food for thought, that's all.

That said..

Here's to seeing some more photos from you. You're off to a great start to your gallery.

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03/03/12 2:59 AM GMT
Thank you, .LakeMichigan and +purmusic, I appreciate it. I didn't notice quite how blurry the photo was until I saw it on a large screen. I played around with the image a bit today and I'll repost a crop of the image that cuts out a lot of the blurry parts. Hopefully it works better.

Thanks for the tutorial. I have a heck of a time getting my camera to do what I want it to, LOL. Hopefully that will help.

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