Crystal Skull 2007  

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Uploaded: 01/06/07 1:51 PM GMT
Crystal Skull 2007
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Rendered in Vue 5 Infinite... for about 30 hours!


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01/06/07 11:10 PM GMT
Oooh, pretty... I think it's worth the 30 hours. It is very nice, on black background, a very nice accent, with focus where it's supposed to be. and the dark refraction in the eye sockets make it look like it's looking at ya. Nice.
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01/08/07 5:15 AM GMT
Without question ... one must ... MUST ... view this full-size.

Holy crap, lol.

This is freaky good.

I like the starkness of your choice of backgrounds/backdrops. Adds a slightly sinister feel to your render here.

I see lots of possibilities with this one and hope you add this to a future composite.

Excellent work.
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01/10/07 2:25 AM GMT
for some reason i always think skulls are smiling :) ........i like it, but maybe you could add more?? im just a lowly fractal guy, so dont take offense........but 30 hours sure sounds like you put effort into it!!
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01/10/07 5:54 PM GMT
Very different and unique.
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03/14/07 1:36 PM GMT
Wow, that is beautiful.
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(3) Purple Power
04/07/07 7:22 PM GMT
well done, beautiful
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07/29/07 3:03 AM GMT
I love Skullz. It is amazing how you can manipulate, create and push your imagination infinitly it seems. People of been doing art work with skullz since the beginning of time and each artist rendering is different that the other. I play online games with a gaming group called The Skullz which is why I have an especially keen interest in skull art. I would love to see more like skull art if you have any to share. I'm going to email The Skullz to come visit your site. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
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09/17/07 11:37 AM GMT
The light refraction doesn't look very good, in fact it ruins the image :(

I can appreciate the time and effort you put into this, but a more 'rounder' skull (smoother) would've looked better. (Don't blame me if you can't do it, i'm blissfully ignorant :D )
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06/29/08 9:34 AM GMT
First time seeing this the "Features" section...Way cool! Reminds me of the cyborg chassis in the movie Terminator...Great work!
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