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Uploaded: 05/14/04 10:51 PM GMT
gh 1
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photoshop working .


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05/14/04 11:14 PM GMT
Awesome, this is what I call real artwork! Great job!
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05/15/04 5:22 AM GMT
i like it; interesting, abstract, and beautiful all at once-nice idea and work on this!
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05/17/04 11:14 AM GMT
Interesting, i like it a lot! nice idea you have put together! well done!
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05/24/04 10:31 AM GMT
Nice artistic piece. Clearly underated.
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06/16/04 7:05 PM GMT
i realy life this is so beautiful n realy artistic
nice xxx
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07/03/04 2:33 PM GMT
This is a very beautiful and creative piece of artwork.. i really like your work a lot! Good job
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07/18/04 1:50 AM GMT
Wow. Very nicely put together!
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--Finding My Place and Person-- *~Angel~*
08/24/04 1:15 AM GMT
WOW, I really really like this one. Excellent combination of elements; very aesthetically pleasing. Thank you!!!
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"Egotism is just the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."
08/31/04 5:42 AM GMT
This is awesome. I like how there are so many different elements........ Photography, Illustration, and computer manipulation. Good work. Thanks for sharing your work. I must say it is really inspiring.
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My name is Cassandra. You can call me Cassie though. I like colors and puppies and drinking.
10/03/04 7:55 PM GMT
amazing, i love it
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( CyPheR )
12/31/04 7:29 PM GMT
awesome image - kind of reminds me of michael jackson for some reason :p - good work
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"Keep what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is inherently your own, thus inspired by everything and limited to nothing."
03/07/05 5:47 PM GMT
Hey cool!...Fabulous abstract creation, I love it! :P
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"Caution: Cape does not enable user to fly." -Batman costume warning label
06/22/05 8:51 AM GMT
i love it...simple but with a lot of expression
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06/30/05 7:40 AM GMT
looks like a mescalin high. niceeee!!!!
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11/15/05 6:15 PM GMT
I really like this. I have it up as my background on my laptop...Everyone always asks me if it's a picture of me. lol. Nice job.
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01/30/06 12:17 AM GMT
nice design, great image.
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02/17/06 9:44 PM GMT
You're talented, this is another goody.
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01/19/07 9:47 AM GMT
Original Artwork - I Like It!
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How do you Know I'm Mad? I must be, otherwise you wouldn't have come here.
02/10/07 10:33 PM GMT
This is one of the few truly original pieces I've seen here. Good job.
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09/11/07 2:04 AM GMT
I agree with all the above and would like to see more... Art!
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08/15/08 7:40 PM GMT
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09/13/09 5:06 AM GMT
I was just browsing through your gallery, and i have to say you have an amasing ability to capture the essence of art. Not many people can, and i *bow* to you.
Sky Girl :)
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