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life it seems will fade away


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06/11/04 11:43 PM GMT
I like this a lot--both the subtitle(life it seems will fade away) and the image together are speaking to me but i'm having trouble conveying the message into words...
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"The hardest part isnt finding out who you need to be, it's being content with who you are"
06/12/04 12:12 AM GMT
A great job piecing this together. So many different layers, each their own image pointing to the same conclusions. Very thought provoking.
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I had a monumental idea this morning...but I didn't like it. Samuel Goldwyn
06/12/04 3:21 PM GMT
I like this one very much - Very creative and indeed thought provoking.
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06/13/04 12:10 AM GMT
Excellent work. This is my idea of true art. Perhaps a little sobering for a desktop, especially if you use a computer at work. But as a peice of art I think it is great work. It's message I feel is very clear...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
06/21/04 10:24 AM GMT
Giacometti would have approved. I like the direction your art appears to be taking.
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never give up
07/21/04 6:02 AM GMT
any particular meaning to this one?
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if, at the gates to heaven, you feel the need to plead extenuating circumstances, you need to rethink the word "omnipresence"
09/17/04 7:37 PM GMT
i love the different thoughts this piece provokes. nicely done.
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11/09/04 9:15 PM GMT
This just reminds me of how jobs are being mechanized, and many people are loosing jobs. It also kind of reminds me of how jobs can even be de-humanizing when our lives are run by the clock, and we are expected to be so mechanical and get our job done. How odd.

Agree with Sam, this is truely art.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb
12/07/04 4:44 AM GMT
Awesome Man! Great job!
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Whatever you imagine is reality.
03/27/05 3:01 PM GMT
this is a great composition, and an awesome wallpaper. love the design. really unusual, but great never the less x
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04/15/05 6:24 PM GMT
dear babak this is too good of you ye chize farsiam migam baghie nafahman kheili chakerim
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10/17/05 5:10 AM GMT
i like the meaning behind this image. what i get from it is that we are all going nowhere fast, and soon it will be over. very deep.

Happy Daze:)
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There's someone in my head but it's not me. -Pink Floyd
12/09/05 8:13 PM GMT
This is put together wonderfully. I think that you have captured exactly what you said. I think this is a unique image. Well done.
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
06/27/06 3:08 AM GMT
Most impressive illustration. Really catches ones eye! I like the patterns of the walking men and the Vs in the image - love those clocks and inner works-not to forget that road running through the middle of this picture. Wonderful surreal world! And I must add the muted colors work so well. I like your work so much. Hope you'll do more - you have a great talent!!
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07/12/06 1:54 AM GMT
Very unique and creative! Nice work!
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I am WAY behind THANKING, viewing and commenting! My apologies! I care very much for everyone and will catch up asap! Thanks for all the nice comments on my work!
11/03/06 11:53 AM GMT
Creative, surreal, unusual - Its really gorgeous.
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05/16/07 12:53 AM GMT
Terrific. I'm not sure I really understand it - I guess what I saw was human life being drained of imagination and innovation, mechanised and automated to the point where individuality disappears, where there is no space - no _time_ - to dream, to be different, to wonder, investigate and create.

- cfr
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