thinking of you  

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Uploaded: 06/30/04 11:49 PM GMT
thinking of you
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07/01/04 12:27 AM GMT
As usual your distinctive style stands out from the crowd. This one isn't my own particular taste but I can still appreciate the artistry involved. I never get tired of seeing what you will do next...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
07/01/04 7:40 AM GMT
Agree with can pick out your work by the thumbnails. Nice composition and simplicity on this one. Any chance that you can upload these at a larger size? : )
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...rob... Corp Flag
10/10/04 10:52 AM GMT
this is very nice, i love it
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11/11/04 12:02 AM GMT
another good image... i like this style...
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The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. --Robert Vallett
12/10/04 2:15 PM GMT
i love this so much.. 8)
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Summer wind used to be are song...
04/11/05 12:38 AM GMT
dear babak I am ehsan I vote for this image....
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04/17/05 2:56 AM GMT
ok babak I think this is better to write in farsi khodamam nafahmidam chi goftam ma ham be har zabooni zende ya morde karetim
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04/25/05 12:41 AM GMT
dear Babak this is a wonder abillity of you
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12/21/05 1:46 PM GMT
Another beautiful desktop. Your work is inpiring
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01/18/06 4:42 AM GMT
nice layout of the images, looks cool.
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02/06/06 12:39 AM GMT
Nice, unusual. I wouldn't care for it as a desktop image, but probably would print out great for notepaper?
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02/17/06 9:42 PM GMT
Very inspiring, I love her hands and the flower. Her eyes are captivating and beautiful, great peice of work. Keep it up.

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Homophbia isn't a family value.
03/16/07 3:15 PM GMT
pretty good
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03/28/07 5:17 AM GMT
It is very nice, Iím really inspiring on it , good work.

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03/29/09 3:49 AM GMT
Amazing. Think of the most famous artist you know and thats what your work here makes me feel like, like I'm looking at a piece from the most famous artist in the world. Great job.
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God Is Love.
04/03/09 1:28 AM GMT
Excellent! Excellent! Faved...
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04/30/09 7:06 AM GMT
I like the different look on her face here. Very unique and thought provoking.The placement of her hands is lovely and I love the flower!! Nicely done again. Bravo..verena
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