Long Bridge Over The River  

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Uploaded: 05/21/13 12:36 AM GMT
Long Bridge Over The River
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The I-65 highway connects the Decatur and Huntsville Metropolitan Areas as it crosses Wheeler Lake (Tennessee River) on a 2.6-mile (4.2 km) bridge. The view I have chosen gives more of a record of how far it goes rather than how high off the water it is. Driving across this bridge affords some really great scenery but unfortunately you would have to be flying to take pictures of it for it would be to your peril to try and take some shots. I am under the bridge very near the beginning of it. I chose to make it black and white for the b&w fun challenge but the color version is nice also.


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05/21/13 2:29 AM GMT
I don't know, Frank. That doesn't look like 2.6 miles to me. I think you took this shot from a rowboat somewhere in the middle and then dropped in the foliage on either side just to throw us off the scent. And it's clear to me that there's only a single bridge and that you just mirrored it and dropped it into your shot. That Frank...always the jokester.

Seriously, I like the shot very much. The B/W really adds the drama to the shot. I wish there was some way that you could pull some texture out of the sky though like this. It takes up a lot of space and only has slightly varying shades of gray. I have no doubt that the color version is excellent as well and probably an improvement for the sky.
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05/21/13 3:03 AM GMT
This is a good perspective Frank, since the sky is kind of bland you might have been able to crop it down some? I checked out the link Rog gave, and he did show you a nice example.

This is a good choice for the challenge, and should do well.
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05/21/13 5:36 AM GMT
Nice work Frank. I like this view. This is from the Decatur side of the river isn't it? Black and white seems to give it a more artistic look that the photos I have taken of this bridge really seem to lack. You definitely get a thumbs up from me.
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05/21/13 12:28 AM GMT
Ideally suited to B/W this image draws me right into the scene quite powerfully.
Unlike the other suggestions I like the plain sky as I think it leaves all the emphasis falling on the strong lines of the bridge :)
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05/21/13 5:23 PM GMT
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05/22/13 6:22 PM GMT
I really like the depth and perspective of the 2 bridges. hope you didn't get wet
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