Roses Above your Bed  

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Uploaded: 02/21/11 7:47 AM GMT
Roses Above your Bed
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I just noticed the idle rose strung to my headboard is dead. The rose was always dead, but this single rose beamed a radiance which danced upon my shoulders. I noticed this idle rose, I noted the lackluster glimpse of a life it once conveyed. Withered, betrayed stuck in the corner of a metal post bed. This rose, violated by my own cruel will, has never looked so dead. I just noticed the idle rose because twenty two red bloomed roses hang over my head, hung over my bed, by a ribbon, thorns fused to a unique green bow, thorns that cut my hands so I could look at twenty two roses bloomed over my bed.


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02/22/11 11:48 AM GMT
What a lovely thing to wake up to - they are a gorgeous red.
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust . . . . The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress." ~ Joseph Joubert (1754-1824)
02/23/11 6:26 PM GMT
A nice capture of the bouquet of beautiful roses. Lovely deep rich colours and good details in your photo.
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Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see. - Philip Guston
02/23/11 9:54 PM GMT
Thanks! the roses were truly.. a magnificent site. I am glad I caught the chance the to capture this frame
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02/24/11 3:14 AM GMT
friend's comment: (he is quite the hero poet)
"i liked the picture as well..the dead rose is so subtle in there if it were bigger it would lose that effect....i read the prose a few times before i saw the dead that point i got a vision of you sitting doing something completely ordinary and then glancing upon the rose and having a moment with of those moments where life provides a metaphor for life itself..awesome"
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03/06/11 3:12 PM GMT
Twenty-two flowers. Could be an aniversary, a birthday, the months of a relationship...

The whole shot reminds me, symbollically, of a representation of a heart. The ribbon is tightly drawn. So, tightly, that part of the heart has been "choked off" and has died. The rest of the heart is in peril. Who put this ribbon on the bouquet? Is it self-imposed or was it thrust upon you!

The poetry is excellent, by the way. I also found in it an acceptence that the union shared was always dead (the rose was always dead) because, like cut flowers with their temporary beauty, a truer, deeper, going beyond surface beauty, relationship was needed.

But, nevertheless, the pain suffered from the thorns of twenty-two roses, leave persistant thoughts of why nots and what could of been's.
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03/06/11 4:22 PM GMT
the idle rose, "why nots and what could of been's." the 22 flowers, a future yesterday brings and tomorrow tells me today.
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03/22/11 6:21 PM GMT
well casechaser did foresee the heart.. all i can say
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how can one use letters, words or prose against its own institution? is it not to say that this accepted alphabet can portray intolerable thoughts against itself; the reflection of these words represent the meaning of ones mindless inquiry, generalizing became this text. . .read the marks behind a letter of assurance/ freedom is jailed within. . ." _ EaB

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