Blue Bear  

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Uploaded: 03/07/11 11:45 AM GMT
Blue Bear
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i noticed the blue oil paint on my palate and just couldn't let them go to waste. so . . . the image is from a Gund bear I grew up with and the heart balloon.. well that's just there for fun. (oil on canvas 2010). [This may be my one (and only) 'cute' paintings.. at the moment]


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03/07/11 6:07 PM GMT
Fave and save.

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03/07/11 7:36 PM GMT
This teddy has been a bad boy. Just look at his face! I bet he skipped school and went to the fair!
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03/07/11 8:23 PM GMT
he is totally innocent. look at that balloon.
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03/07/11 11:16 PM GMT
I don't know about the innocent bit, he does have a look of being caught at something he maybe should not have been doing. A cute painting of your favourite teddy bear. Compositionally you may have cropped the painting too closely. The entire balloon should have been in the frame and maybe allow a little more room around the bear, not much mind you. Then again this may have been how you painted the image. The legs seem a little flat and 2-dimensional compared to the rest of the painting. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
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03/07/11 11:31 PM GMT
guess i can't hide my mischievous side in a painting of a cute bear. i did draw the balloon cropped. i seem to paint and draw this way, many sketches with half heads, portions and subjects cropped.. i do not know why i do this, i grasp proportion very well, other than i feel like that's how i should be drawing.

thanks for the critiques- i did crop to close to the bear's ear i think. i'de like to proffer that i painted the legs 2-d on purpose to highlight the clumsiness of this bear but i do not remember if i wasn't consistent on purpose.. either way ill stick with this current explanation of me doing this on purpose. (3-D comment noted)
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03/09/11 5:50 AM GMT
This reminds me of my Teddy bea....I mean nice painting;) I would have also used the blue, its a great color. And i am very partial to it! I think you did a very good job!
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"It is not MY fault that I never learned to accept responsibility!"
03/10/11 10:10 PM GMT
Very good. You had a pritty bear with you were little. Good job, girl.

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04/06/11 11:28 PM GMT
I cannot tell you exactly why, but I like this painting. It's lack of complication? Definitely tells me a story. I see much going on here but cute is nowhere in sight. If I had to describe the painting I believe I would say.. "Something forgotten". Almost... sad in a way. Once the center of attention and now lacking a once close friend.. not sure. I like it, great job.
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