Elgin Cathedral-untouched  

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Uploaded: 01/05/12 3:12 PM GMT
Elgin Cathedral-untouched
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I took this shot in 2006 while visiting my daughter, who lives in Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. It is actually a shot taken from the back side (which I liked best) and through a fence.


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01/06/12 2:33 AM GMT
I've never seen a doorway quite like that before. Very cool shot.
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01/06/12 4:00 AM GMT
Hi, Susan...

I guess there's no point in asking about your software since the shot is unedited (if that's what "untouched" means). It's a very good first shot. My first shots were deadly horrible.

The detail and clarity are very good. I probably would have added a half click of color saturation since I tend to oversaturate everything. Maybe a half click of contrast and a half click of negative gamma might bring out the depth a little more, but the differences would be minute; so forget that part of my critique.

I see two very minor problems that I think could be fixed easily. First of all the shot looks to be very slightly right leaning. Could be my imagination, but the stairs seem to be leaning to the right. Secondly, I might suggest that you download a free program called "ShiftN". In a wide angle shot like this, the window, for example, on the right appears to be leaning left while the window on the left appears to be leaning left. ShiftN corrects the distortion and makes everything perpendicular and parallel.

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01/06/12 10:27 PM GMT
Susan - What a history in these ruins! With the quatrefoils and varied arches, the details are striking for a building this old. Thad
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02/04/12 8:21 AM GMT
It was probably that fence that kept you from touching this place. :) A wonderful old building with great looking architecture features. Nice presentation of the scene with a good perspective. As mentioned by Roger, some adjustments could be made to the light levels to bring out the shadows and depths in the stonework. The yellow sign is a minor distraction and could easily be removed.
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