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A charcoal drawing of my friend's cat. Hope you like it!


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07/11/05 8:36 PM GMT
Very good.. I thought this was a photo in the thumb.. Great job..
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07/11/05 9:16 PM GMT
Wow! Great beautiful drawing!! 10!
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07/11/05 9:32 PM GMT
beautiful drawing.....very talented...
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07/13/05 6:48 AM GMT
I always admire drawings. Great pic! High marks and thanks for sharing :)
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07/16/05 5:08 AM GMT
What talent you have -- wish I could draw. This is absolutely beautiful - a 10 from me!
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07/16/05 11:06 AM GMT
great drawing, keep it up!
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07/16/05 6:57 PM GMT
I agree. Someday I'll post some of mine too - when I get enough nerve. Very skillfully executed. High marks from me.
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07/16/05 9:08 PM GMT
hey I like your kitkat picture It is really nice
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07/19/05 6:47 PM GMT
I love cats! ^_^ Amazing drawing.. 10/10 you've got skills
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07/19/05 7:34 PM GMT
Hey! Good JOB! Looks a lot like Kit Kat!
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07/20/05 3:32 AM GMT
you are very good at drawing and the cat is lovely.
Shelly (Spain).
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09/13/05 11:35 AM GMT
This is so nice....excellent on all accounts!
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10/13/05 3:45 AM GMT
omg i had a cat named KitKat but he ran away when i was in the hospital when i was four, i saw this and started crying!
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12/16/05 4:35 AM GMT
Lovely drawing. wish i had your talent. I like the background you used and the fade.
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12/29/05 1:12 AM GMT
cute! i know a cat named kitkat.
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01/07/06 5:59 AM GMT
i must say, you are very skilled at drawing, your just excellent! congratulations! wish i could draw like you...
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05/17/06 2:19 AM GMT
Wow, you are a gifted artist! This work is exceptionally well done. That is a charming KitKat :) Like this done in charcoal. Very attractive the way you have black on one side of background and color on the other. Wonderful work you've done. It should get the highest marks~
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05/22/06 8:50 PM GMT
I really like cats and my nickname is cat. I really like this picture it is nice!
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05/29/06 11:52 AM GMT
¡Un 10!
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06/08/06 11:07 PM GMT
Lovely drawing. Nice work. I'd love to see more!
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07/18/06 5:56 PM GMT
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10/04/06 8:48 PM GMT
Great -- I have a cat named Kit-Kit, this looks a lot like her.
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09/09/07 1:44 AM GMT
It is nice. Makes me miss my cat.
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05/30/09 11:28 PM GMT
i wish i had art skills like yours! beautiful
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05/11/12 1:40 AM GMT
This is a beautiful charcoal drawing and presentation. Saw this on home page. I love working in charcoals. Right into my favs
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