Basic DSLR Workflow  

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Basic DSLR Workflow
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Luke (stuffnstuff), these are the examples of the minor adjustments that are usually necessary with Digital SLR images. Hope this helps answer your question. Question


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10/10/04 11:03 PM GMT
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10/27/04 6:36 AM GMT
Very good tutorial Will. You are a wealth of good info...please keep them coming;-) The unsharp mask has always confused me;-)
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12/13/04 4:45 AM GMT
i'm wondering what does threshold actually do on the unsharp mask, cuz i can see what the other sliders do, but i cant figgure out that one, and never use it cuz 0 always looks best. any insights? do you acutally use it sometimes?
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12/13/04 7:15 PM GMT
In Photoshop's Unsharp Mask function, the Threshold setting determines how different a pixel must be from the surrounding area before it's considered an edge pixel and sharpened. Basically, the lower the number, the sharper the image. I have found that the threshold adjustment to be the most useful when sharpening images shot at high ISO's (800+), applying a little bit of it helps make the noise a lot less noticeable.
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07/21/05 9:26 PM GMT
This gets more helpful every time I look at it. Thanks for the help.

I don't have Photoshop and normally use Gimp 2.0 in replacement. Do you think you could explain the steps in that to take as well for both of these procedures? It doesn't have to be a tutorial; a PM would work or posting it on this thread (just let me know). Either way, thanks a bunch!
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05/17/14 10:04 AM GMT
this is the lense on my want list! thanks for the post.
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