Basic Color Correction (Using Curves)  

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Uploaded: 10/29/04 8:19 PM GMT
Basic Color Correction (Using Curves)
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A brief tutorial on how to use the droppers in the Curves dialog in Photoshop to correct color and exposure. Photo: From a recent Volleyball tounament I shot at.


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10/29/04 8:53 PM GMT
Hey! Even I get that. Really helps the skin tones too, now we'll see if I can use it.
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I don't have a solution, but I admire the problem.
10/30/04 10:38 AM GMT
Excellent! I have never really understood this! Thankyou.
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never give up
10/31/04 5:57 PM GMT
good tutorial, but in the image the players shirt becomes over exposed removing the detail from his right sleeve and left shoulder, perhaps this could be corrected with a modified history tool?
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"Then as it was, Then again it will be. An' though the course may change sometimes, Rivers always reach the sea."
11/01/04 4:01 AM GMT
Thatís completely fine in a sports shot, you properly expose for the face, and if the extreme highlights get blown out, it does not matter too much. You could spend the time to correct this; however, for the majority of applications it would not be necessary. If this were a landscape or commercial shot (products, etc) blown highlights would be more of an issue. Likewise, digital noise is not really a concern either, I shot the tutorial image at ISO 1600, and there is some visible noise, but if I were actually using ISO 1600 print film, it would be a heck of a lot worse, yet still very useable.
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11/06/04 10:21 AM GMT
Good one. I never really got he hang of curves before. I do my standard color-correction in GraphicConverter (it's a mac program) and reduces the blue with 20%, green with 10% and red with 5% to take away that blue tint you got rid of above and make the color slightly warmer plus increasing the contrast in the image. (Sometimes additional color contrast adjustments are needed depending on the lighting conditions.)
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07/10/06 5:17 AM GMT
A very light and careful dodge on his face alone might have done the job and left the shirt as is. What we really need is a filter that allows the photographer to adjust the goofy expression on the subject's face, orrrrrrr . . . maybe you've already achieved that miracle and tried it out on this guy? He looks like he ate too much at the breakfast buffet and now it wants to escape!
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05/28/07 3:49 AM GMT
Very helpful! I wasn't sure how to get some of the colors right in some of my photos but this method works great! Thank you very much :)
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Watch the weather change.
10/11/10 9:07 PM GMT
Thanks to you, this should come in very handy.
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