Seagul's View of SF  

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Uploaded: 06/03/03 2:48 AM GMT
Seagul's View of SF
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A Seagul looking over the bay from Alcatraz


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06/03/03 8:35 AM GMT
Brilliant. Perfectly framed. Pity the seagull's so ugly!
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06/03/03 5:53 PM GMT
This is definitely some competition for pierre
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06/04/03 5:45 PM GMT
amazing photo, really. you can't ask for better than this, this could grace the cover of any magazine, National Geographic comes to mind!
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06/04/03 8:02 PM GMT
Hehe, that is awesome. I really like this one
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06/24/03 11:11 PM GMT
Excellent shot. Only suggestion I have is that with a bit more f-stop (it was obviously bright) and a slower shutter speed, using a tripod, you would have gotten the city in focus as well. That would have sharpened the picture and lifed it another level. But All round I'd say it's excellent and you have an excellent eye to have captured it.
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09/09/03 7:11 PM GMT
esta chida esta tqambien
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10/27/03 2:20 AM GMT
Perfect. I love S.F =)
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11/18/03 11:31 PM GMT
the seagul is not ugly! he's so cute!
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11/24/03 9:12 PM GMT
thats the ugliest bird i have ever seen :D but i love the picture its beautiful =P
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shnivles =P
02/04/04 2:30 PM GMT
One amazing picture, the bird with the backdrop of the city.... just works perfectlly for me.
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02/23/04 11:22 PM GMT
Simple, yet captivating...!
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nil magnum nisi bonum
03/03/04 11:36 AM GMT
Explendid sense of oportunity.
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05/18/04 8:32 AM GMT
Great picture. If this won a contest why is it's c-index so low!

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08/31/04 3:33 AM GMT
Agree with postaldude66 :)

For such a great photo, and a contest winner, that C-Index formula doesn't seem to be too accurate :D
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04/20/05 12:09 AM GMT
This image really captures the depth-of-field thing very well. The seagull is in focus, and the city in the background creates the illusion that the bird is looking at the city. Beautiful.
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ж Regmar ж
10/09/05 12:23 AM GMT
The seagull looks great, the slices are much in favour of the compo. great job!
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life at its best!
12/08/05 4:12 PM GMT
Hey, lovely image, but is this shot taken from Alcatraz? It seems to be, but i thought that Alcatraz was more out of the coast of S.F... This seems so close to S.F
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12/08/05 4:13 PM GMT
"A Seagul looking over the bay from Alcatraz", Haha i'm sorry, i didn't read that haha
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02/18/06 8:21 AM GMT
Absolutly amazing...10/10 in my book...and favorite city =)
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03/24/06 10:01 PM GMT
how pretty! nice colors and composition. in my favorites!
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08/20/06 12:42 AM GMT
Hi Rob...I like the picture. I have a similar one in my gallery of NY City. Well done.
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11/21/06 5:45 AM GMT
Very well taken.
Good job.
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08/15/07 2:12 PM GMT
I love the photo too, only would be great to see the seagul's whole tail. Sorry, I know it must have been not easy to capture such a view, but still this would do the picture ideal. And it was a great idea to sharpen only the bird and make the city fade - SUPER.
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02/24/09 1:39 AM GMT
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01/06/10 8:45 PM GMT
What does the Seagul think of SF? Great capture.
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