Angry Sea  

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Uploaded: 01/31/04 7:02 AM GMT
Angry Sea
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Stylised with PS.


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01/31/04 10:31 AM GMT
This is nice !!
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01/31/04 10:55 AM GMT
This one is breathtaking, Tracy. 10/10 and into my Favorites.
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
01/31/04 11:35 AM GMT
Very nice image Tracy. Thanks for the tip on how you did it.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thatís important. Ruth Ross
01/31/04 4:20 PM GMT
this has great motion and mood, and for that i really like it. i think more attention could have been paid to the colors and the saturation, it feels a little muddy
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What goes around, comes around, what goes up, must come down.
01/31/04 7:13 PM GMT
can I oder this one 6 feet x 8 feet as a oil-painting on canvas ? ;-P
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02/01/04 6:41 PM GMT
poetry in motion....interesting developments in ur work i like these new ones much. : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button = {D
02/03/04 3:48 AM GMT
Wow. Totally over the top. 10/10
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02/04/04 12:54 AM GMT
very interesting. and very impressionist, love the feel of movement. great job!
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02/04/04 6:16 PM GMT
This is very great work and very nice colors.Well done!! Tracy.
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carpe diem.
02/05/04 4:17 AM GMT
Well done Tracy.Before I read the title I thought it looked like waves breaking.It has great depth and a wonderful cast of colors to boot.Into my Favorites it........go's
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Living&Enjoying Life Nothing To Fear
02/08/04 5:27 PM GMT
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When the rooster crows, it's time to WAKE UP!!!
02/16/04 9:27 AM GMT
Great job it draws you in, good highlites
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Clayton H. Bramlett
03/06/04 10:03 PM GMT
oh nice. first thing i thought when i saw it was "its like ice!" hah its really very stunning. i love it! 10/10!
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moment of silence please for those who never get the chance they show up to the party but they're never asked to dance the losers the liars the bastards the thieves the cynicists, the pessimists and those that don't believe in nothing -streetlight manifesto
07/21/04 1:07 AM GMT
Cool!!! It is real art!!!
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always try your best. Look at my new picture Spike`s connections 2.
10/12/05 3:06 PM GMT
Kinda pseudo-Japanese style wave movement, only brought in to the 21st century!
Could be my monitor, but maybe a tad more saturation in the blues. That could add even more depth to an already stunning piece.
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05/01/06 5:37 PM GMT
wow this is very did u do it? It sorta looks like arylic paints...
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04/15/09 4:38 AM GMT
This image literally "pops" out of the screen. Definitely a stunner in my book.
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