Ghost Town Church - After  

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Uploaded: 07/24/04 8:13 AM GMT
Ghost Town Church - After
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As a big fan of black and white, I love what the new filter 'shadow/ highlight' in PhotoShop CS allows me to do. From a photo by Joe Nekrasz on of church, Bodie, CA


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07/24/04 8:40 AM GMT
After is def better then before
Nice rework
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Stuffed animals are always right
07/24/04 11:32 AM GMT
I have not yet played with that one but the difference is striking. Really enhanced the detail.
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07/24/04 1:38 PM GMT
fabulous work with the contrast here! reinforce the great details.
damn, I want PhotoShop CS now! -_-'
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07/24/04 2:34 PM GMT
was this the only filter used? looks similar to the equalize function
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07/24/04 4:41 PM GMT
Great conversion Tracy good shadow work. Allot of people just desaturate and there really is much more to it then that. I've been meaning to do a tutorial on B&W conversion.
If you don't mind I like to do a sehpia conversion on this image. would you email it to me.
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07/24/04 7:20 PM GMT
Terrific difference Tracy and I love the choice you made for a photo.
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B.J. ;)
07/25/04 12:27 AM GMT
Thank you all! I hope this helps; I might post more B&W tutorials along with Clayton.

Image information: other than the new shadow/highlight tool in PS-CS, I sharpened a bit and used the curves function (I'm sure these two are found in the new filter as mentioned, but there are too many variables for a first-timer to find them all). I had to crop the original photo slightly in order to conform to the caedes image format.
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07/25/04 2:58 AM GMT
that minipulation is awsome.. well done!
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07/25/04 4:14 AM GMT
I admire the changes Tracy. Nice work. A tutorial would certainly be an eye opener:-)
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08/04/04 8:17 AM GMT
Nice work Tracy. But is it really haunted? lol
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~Let it be as it is desired~
09/06/04 5:02 AM GMT
The detail and old west charm are really nice. A good job.10 by me.
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09/08/04 2:48 AM GMT
like some memory right before you fall asleep
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10/17/04 9:42 PM GMT
I'd love to see the original next to it for comparason. Very nice image.
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11/20/04 6:43 PM GMT
deadly. nice.
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01/18/05 4:19 AM GMT
looks like the place the guitar player from Guns n Roses is standing in one of their music videos
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03/02/05 8:12 PM GMT
Nicely done. And I love haunted stuff. Nice work.
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05/27/05 2:49 AM GMT
well i didnt see before but after is pretty amazing...... love this shot..... nice work..... take care
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09/23/05 5:29 PM GMT
Greta work! I like the black and white, very creepy yet this is very good and nice for wallpaper, nice work!
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10/11/05 1:48 PM GMT
This is a very nice shot. I can feel how vacant and ghastly the church is, wonderful job. ;)
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11/03/05 9:48 AM GMT
im a fan of rickety old wooden sheds and buildings
this is a great atmospheric shot
composed very nicely with the sky giving this heavy overbearing feeling

nicely caught
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11/25/05 5:37 PM GMT
Very lonely, has the ghost town effect on it! Great rework!
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04/01/06 2:00 AM GMT
Hello Tracey...Black and white photography is seen less frequently, hence it is rare - and for that reason alone... "of interest" ...Your conversion of the church to black and white in photoshop accentuates the depth of this photograph...Well done.....All the best...Mick.

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07/09/06 1:46 AM GMT
Excellent eye catcher! Perfect in the b&w. Rustic old church & good detail to it. I see the 'ghost town' off in the background-and the tottering outhouse. Good prairie view of the ole west. Appreciate seeing this and your work Tracy..Thanks :*>
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08/14/06 12:09 AM GMT
I'm also a big fan of black and white and this shot is really awesome. One of my favs.

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11/02/06 8:23 AM GMT
my kind of style... wonderful shot, excellent contrast... but the key is seeing the possibility at the time, you have a great eye for this. nice stuff
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06/26/07 2:48 PM GMT
Nice!! Great work on this.
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09/13/07 1:05 AM GMT
Totally spooky! Love it.
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01/08/08 9:33 PM GMT
A sepia shot would have worked as well. There is a sadness in these type of photos. It looks like my town after the renaissance.
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07/27/09 10:00 PM GMT
For such a still shot, I found it quite moving. Well done.
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05/10/10 5:09 PM GMT
I love this photo! I am a big fan of black n white as well as old churches. This shot is very, very good!
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