Cariana Nebula  

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Cariana Nebula
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The nebula is giving you the finger.


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
Unbeliveable.....and they say it all happened by chance.


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
dont forget to do the info on da moons!!


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
Pretty unbelieveable. I've never seen anything like it. Makes you feel small and ignorant.

-Carolyn Church

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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
all these pics are excellent. hope ya designing even more to your website. cool!


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
i wonder how many others thought-"now that's cool"-?-cuz it sure is! oh yeah RAIDERS SUCK CHARGER BOLT NUTZ --


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
if we dont get out here to check this stuff out some day it will be a freaking shame. beautiful!


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
What??? i dont get it.

-Sweet Tooth

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03/03/02 7:45 AM GMT
This is great! I love space!
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03/06/02 4:15 AM GMT
We are so ignorant towards the power of god.
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04/07/02 5:20 PM GMT
A very lovely one, indeed..
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04/16/02 10:46 PM GMT
Look in the top left corner of the picture (helps if it is at a large resolution size). There's a bit of a piece of the nebula that looks like a hand with the middle finger up.
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What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
04/19/02 10:02 AM GMT
A hole lotta of shaking going on there
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05/22/02 4:43 PM GMT
dude that thing is sick fu so i gotta say hay space geeks i like it
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11/21/02 12:48 AM GMT
they say... that the most wonderful poems are made for the microscope and the telescope
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Have a good time all the time
01/07/03 1:01 AM GMT
Looking at the vastness and the beauty of the univers, how can any fool talk of a God or Gods and pretend that we'd be something special, created by a superior force just to look at all the stuff up there, not being taught a darn thing about that great endless space out there.
A thousand "Thanks" to all the scientists around the planet who, over the last 5000 years showed us that knowledge and research is better than blind believe which only hindered human development so many times throughout the ages. Here you can gaze at something beautiful, that 50.000 years of superstitions, believes and religions could never show you.
Praise to the Hubble and the people who designed it.
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01/16/03 1:39 PM GMT
I wonder If the universe is a giant loop and you can never be free from its vast darknness
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02/04/03 1:31 AM GMT
One word: Amazing......
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02/23/03 11:11 PM GMT
another word: insulting........(since its giving us the ol bird)

great wallppr anyway, 4/5
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Jest Mi 2 Sense
06/26/03 8:43 PM GMT
I'm glad someone else saw that middle finger, I went out side and flipped off the sky the second I saw that. My neighbors think I'm crazy. "HEY, LOOK AT THAT YOU FREAKIN' ALIENS!"
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07/16/03 10:48 PM GMT
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08/04/03 7:32 PM GMT
Heh. I noticed that, too.

I was really happy to see this, since I've seen a very small pic of it and have been wanting something larger. Amazing and gorgeous. Thanks!
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"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." -- Emile Zola
09/05/03 8:21 PM GMT
and this was caused by an explosion? whatever
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09/07/03 2:01 PM GMT
Totally Awesome
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09/08/03 6:05 AM GMT
Awesome! This did not happen by chance!
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09/08/03 4:23 PM GMT
looks like a blood spill, on the left side it looks like somebody's arm got chopped off because he's pointing his middle finger up...
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09/23/03 4:34 PM GMT
In response to a comment above, I'm all for science and the pursuit of knowledge. However, i must pose the question concerning God.... How can you think that something so amazing and beautiful just appeared? or occurred on it's own? Which takes more faith- believing that God created us and the universe (and aren't we grateful He cared enough about us to send His son to die for our sins on the cross) or that we along with the universe somehow magically formed? Personally, I believe in God and his wondrous power. I think this image only exemplifies His magnificent glory... if you don't agree.... that's fine with me... we will all discover the truth in time.
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09/24/03 7:29 AM GMT
LOL this is BY far the BEST background I;ve seen al night. I put my vote here 10.
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10/08/03 9:15 PM GMT
out of this world, litterally
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10/22/03 12:51 AM GMT
Hard to believe it's actually a photograph! A truly beautiful image!
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11/07/03 9:18 AM GMT
has anyone else noticed that the "cloud" on the left looks very similar to someone giving us the finger with their left hand?
I think, that may be god's answer to all our prayers if it is.......
but, very perty picture.
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11/12/03 6:37 PM GMT
Yep its a finger for sure.

Still cool though
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11/27/03 1:05 AM GMT
I think the picture is beautiful but it doesnt give proof of a divine power. Everly thing that goes on in that picture can be explained by space researchers. God is an explanaiton for the unknown. Great picture though!
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If your not the lead dog the view never changes!
11/29/03 5:38 PM GMT
OMG its so amazing, this just proves all religions wrong, god did not create our worlds!!
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12/11/03 11:47 AM GMT
Haha, i find it humorous that you think its more likely that an imaginary super being clicked his fingers and created the universe, over the scientifically proven facts. Watch "The Planets" series, nothing but proven science, and it explains an awful lot, right down to the birth of black holes through the eventual decay of burning suns. I find the idea of God comparable to father christmas, makes life easy and wonderful until you become knowledgeable enough to learn the facts, and then you can enjoy the beauty of life even more, pondering the infinate possibilites out there, that arnt bound by some drunken ancient hippies fictitious book of jesus! hah!
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12/11/03 11:48 AM GMT
that response was to "ilovejesus" by the way :)
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12/13/03 3:42 AM GMT
Okay, first of all, the bible was not just some hippy concoction to explain their drunkeness. Second of all, you're only fooling yourself if you think that laughing God out of the picture of life is going to get you out of hell. That may seem blunt and for good reason. That's the place for people who just laught God off as some human creation.
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12/17/03 9:06 PM GMT
Brathtaking view!
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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is a society, where none intrudes, By the deep Sea, and music in its roar, I love not man less, but Nature more --Lord Byron
01/23/04 12:54 AM GMT
no words can describe the true beauty of this pic
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01/23/04 1:01 AM GMT
this should really be called the dragon nebula -look and you shall see the dragon -
oh and scenic is right people should not dismiss the scientific truths to creation, however some people need to believe in something to give them hope instead of believing in themselves.........
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02/03/04 6:49 PM GMT
I apologise for being juvenile, but has anyone else noticed that this image looks like it's giving you the finger?
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02/10/04 1:11 PM GMT
Beautiful piece of binary imagery !!!!

And please stop looking for answers elsewhere, cause they are here for us to learn and ultimately be in union as the One. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Behold God the Son, the Holy Spirit !!!!
Makubenjalo (Amen)
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02/16/04 8:32 AM GMT
beauty fires the imagination of whats to come
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03/05/04 7:34 AM GMT
WOW, all you people can do is say "there is a god, your stupid" or "people that think theres and god are stupid". all you guys just let it go, none of that bullshit has anything to do with this picture and everything to do with yourselfs, so shut the F up, and get over yourselfs, most of us out here just don't care what you or you thing about God! and yes that is a big cloud given the finger hehe
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03/15/04 8:39 PM GMT
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-Pick a goal and care about the place you are at- Cem Karahan
03/26/04 10:01 PM GMT
It is a Cool pic

I Wonder hoe big it is???
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03/26/04 10:03 PM GMT
(how) sry about that
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04/20/04 6:28 AM GMT
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04/22/04 2:33 AM GMT
i cant say a word it marvellous
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04/29/04 5:15 PM GMT
I think it's actually the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372), but still an awesome wallpaper.

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05/19/04 11:46 AM GMT
Ahhh! The sight of splattered guts on a hazy backdrop. What more can you ask for. Truly awe inspiring!
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07/15/04 2:52 AM GMT
its aka The Butterfly
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07/21/04 2:35 PM GMT
Wow, cool. 13000 views blimy.
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07/24/04 12:27 AM GMT
Obviously a stunning picture. It scares me how primitive and ridiculous religion is. To think that any sort of consciousness could create the universe is incomprehensible for me. For me religion is like an old form of propaganda used thousands of years ago to inspire a community to behave themselves. If you steel or kill etc. you will go to hell. The majority of people must have truly belived in this. Religion scares me because it proves how ignorant and weak we can be. Hubble does some great work, by the way this is the birthplace for stars, some of those stars 100 times larger than the Sun. 200 light years in diameter, the keyhole feature is 7 light's accross. These nebulae are hellholes! All though the gas that you see looks dense its not. It's so dispersed that that each smoke sized particle is spaced apart the size of the albert hall, thats quite enough from me.
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07/24/04 12:28 AM GMT
And its called the Carina Nebulae (NGC 3372)!
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11/14/04 3:05 AM GMT
looks like a view from the bottom of a toilet looking up at a diarrhea..

and one of the things looks like a middle finger....

haha, thanks for amusing my dirty mind =P

It is a beautiful though, I'ma rank you nice ;o)
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01/20/05 11:40 PM GMT
Chance had nothing to do with that.A creator is odvious.Amasing picture
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05/06/05 5:56 PM GMT
Thats like cool!!
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07/03/05 1:25 AM GMT
Wow, what's more amazing than the image is the stupidity of those who believe a god created it and are so egotistical as to still think that the earth, or in other words humans, are at the centre of the universe.

The universe was not created for human beings and each and everyone of us will vanish into oblivion, learn to deal with it rather than cling to outdated fairytales that make you feel important and that your life is anything but an insignifant speck in this unimaginably enormous universe.
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07/19/05 2:44 PM GMT
cool pic anyways
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If you cant beat um join um and tear them down from the inside out
10/03/05 9:09 PM GMT
Lol ye part of it in the top left looks like someone going ,,!,

Amazing picture tho
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11/07/05 3:52 AM GMT
I love how people look at this and think THIS PICTURE PROVES THAT GOD EXISTS when actually it says nothing about God at all. Perfection does not imply causation, and I for one am tired of the fallacious arguments that cite pictures like these.
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01/09/06 1:05 AM GMT
Can't we all just accept that people have different beliefs and enjoy the beauty of the picture? :)
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01/13/06 3:13 AM GMT
exploto: funny! good stuff!

I think the imaginery god(s) are telling us to...make love!
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07/12/06 11:48 PM GMT
How did this pic forum turn into a religious defication?

I see a huge ball of expanding hot gas. You see a work of creation. Sorry you don't have a better grasp on science/reality. Go back to your fair tale explanation.
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10/01/07 11:27 PM GMT
Ahhhhhhhh i like this one defiantly! Thanks for it!
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"Standing, sitting, juggiling, eating, sleeping I do it all at the same time."

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