Mr Frog  

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Uploaded: 05/27/10 9:26 PM GMT
Mr Frog
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Captured this frog in the garden pond.


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05/30/10 7:53 AM GMT
Excellent close up, I like the way the frogs eyes & head are in focus & the background slightly out of focus. Good composition too with the frog being on a slight angle rather that straight on, works quite well.
Nice work, thanks for sharing it :))
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05/30/10 2:56 PM GMT
Great close up of this ugly little
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05/30/10 8:58 PM GMT
Looks like he's going to hop right into your camera! a good composition and crop with nice color contrast. It's tough to get down low enough to get these guys on eye level but you got in pretty close. If possible, next time you're shooting frogs throw something on the ground for protection and try getting on your belly if possible. Really hard for me anymore with my new hip but worth the effort. I usually keep an old blanket or large towel with me I can throw down on the ground for low shots. Then I have to use a walking stick to get up again! Keep shooting. anne :-)
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Tell me if you like it or don't but be sure to tell me why! I promise to always give honest and sincere (albeit gentle when necessary) critiques. MY NEW YEARS TIP for all, go have some fun with your new gear you got for Christmas. Do some things you rarely or never do. If you always shoot scenics, go shoot macros (or as close up as you can get.) Practice on different subjects, try new lighting techniques, bracket your shots (shoot the same image at different exposures and different apertures), get down low and shoot from your back, your belly, and your knees. Bend, twist, lean and climb up on things. Shoot toward the sky (carefully - blown out sunlight is NOT attractive :-) Just do something different and amaze yourself then share with us :-) Love you Caedians.
05/30/10 11:52 PM GMT
Pretty murky water, which is what they like I think. I like the litte flowers floating around and the way you got the photo of him looking right at you, he's almost smiling too! Verena
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