Rural Wisconsin  

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Uploaded: 08/28/02 7:47 PM GMT
Rural Wisconsin
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A Rural Landscape


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08/29/02 5:20 AM GMT
Another great picture. Thanks for sending it.

Note: the image is by cc_Beowulf.
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10/13/02 3:10 PM GMT
I live in Wisconsin and am quite aware of the beautiful scenery. You've captured it at its best!

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10/29/02 11:22 PM GMT
yes very nice Matt.(my cousin)
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03/02/03 5:40 AM GMT
yeah--this is one fine picture for the desktop, no doubt about it!
but as for it being wisconsin, well, i can't tell.
does anybody see any cheese lying around anywhere?
i can't even see one little cow.
don't they have a whole lot of cheese up there?
what if this is really china or greece?
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03/30/03 11:59 PM GMT
???? This is Wisconsin... I assure you... I took the picture... just because it wasn't taken in Lambaugh Field doesn't mean it's not in Wisonsin... =P
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- Beowulf
10/26/03 3:14 PM GMT
Where in Wisconsin is this picture?
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11/30/03 5:52 AM GMT
Its a nice picture of a farm if your into all of that, and for all you people who think wisconsin is just farms, cheese and cows, your wrong, wisconsin has its suburbs
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01/26/04 2:13 PM GMT
I live on a farm in eleva wisconsin and this picture looks all to familiar. it is a good pic though. and yes this is DEFINATLY wisconsin
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06/10/05 10:54 AM GMT
This is a beautiful scene. Lovely little farm and a great looking sky. Love the clouds.
Gr. Fred
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