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Uploaded: 03/23/04 7:03 PM GMT
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No Explanation ;) Big bubble fixed...Added a scrollbar(design of it can be modified)... İ cant stand it..ill make an explanation again...The sphere sybolizes the "new" idea,means changing,adding,developping.And i chose the Brown color because its a conservative color and can symbolize the "level" of the site portfolio;every image has a level of quality,not every image on persons computer is accepted.And the half-circles around the sphere symbolizes the "spring of ideas".The site portfolio is full of bright ideas(isnt it?) and the circles shows that they are spreading and innovating other people...This is the main idea of the design


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03/23/04 11:02 PM GMT
i like it much, the tabs on the side for the new skins etc as with the previous, the orientation/layout, the colours, the font...all very nice but my only qualm is about the sphere being cut kinda throws me a wee bit, but the point is , its a good solid design :)
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03/24/04 1:03 AM GMT
Cem, like this one even better than the last. The scroll bar won't be there in the actual site -- hopefully that design will be static and the entire page will scroll. This one has more space than the last, good design rule: give things room to breathe. :) Keep it up!
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03/24/04 1:06 AM GMT
I think everything about it is perfect. the widht and the reduced size of the ball are perfect now. The one thing I saw on someone else's is that you see a preview of the top new images...i thot that was rather convenient. But really, it would work fine the way it is. Definitely 2 of 2 on my favorites list. I stil have one more I like
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03/24/04 1:10 AM GMT
10/10: This should win, caedes, this should win. or mine...whichever u choose :)
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03/24/04 1:32 PM GMT
I still like this one best out of all the submissions thus far...
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03/24/04 9:06 PM GMT
İ wanted the sphere to be cut-off because i didnt wanted to be an image,i wanted a "whole"...The sphere is the part of the site,not the symbol of the site.Thanks for all the comments and the ideas..İ am collecting them for my next design... ;)
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03/25/04 5:10 AM GMT
i love it, the best design ive seen..but 2 things that i think would make it perfect..make the bubble thingy smaller, and show a preview of the "Top New Images". other than that, i love it nice work 9/10
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and the nightmare goes on...
04/05/04 12:11 AM GMT
This neutral colour scheme is very user friendly, the font is readable, I find it very comfortable to look at - still familiar as caedes but with a stylish edge. nice.
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never give up
04/28/04 7:36 AM GMT
The colour scheme is amazing, logo is great, Tabs are very cool.
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05/10/04 2:08 PM GMT
One thing I must truly stress about your design, is that it has a simplistic yet a beautiful finish ( a real gem). I love the logo as well as the colours too ( pleasing to the eye).
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02/10/05 9:52 AM GMT
jeah i like it....for real! beautiful colors and good style!
it looks timeless... good job!!!
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