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I've been a member of this community for 8 years now... I feel a bit awkward uploading a photo taken and edited with a mobile phone -iPhone- after years posting shots taken with slr cameras...


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08/05/11 9:53 PM GMT
Welcome back. :o)

As I do recall you and your work.

Think you most ably and creatively managed with that of a mobile phone shot here. The post processing/editing works well.
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08/06/11 1:21 AM GMT
This is very stylish. A classic pose and I like the effect that has been applied. Normally I would probably complain about the res. but I think in this case it is fine, since this isn't the sort of thing I envisage would be used for a desktop but rather as a successful experiment. Certainly one of the best phone pix I have seen on caedes (that I know of) but then most people do not put as much thought into them as you have obviously done here.
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08/06/11 9:08 AM GMT
The moment captured here is just classic. The sting as smoke gets in the eyes. The overexposed area just highlights that moment, the pain of the smoker coming through in the image. In a slight disagreement with Sam it is the sort of picture that does adorn my desktop, in as much as it can, at natural resolution with a black surround. Nice work
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08/06/11 11:56 PM GMT
Thank you...
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08/09/11 11:39 PM GMT
Bravo! Very well done. The timing of this capture is perfect and post is very apropos.
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08/20/11 3:51 PM GMT
It's been a while. An outstanding avant-garde way to come back too. Reminds me of a couple of Marlon Brando shots in pose and light. very classic
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08/21/11 10:24 PM GMT
Thanks guys...
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