i'm watchin you !!!  

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Uploaded: 07/04/10 10:07 AM GMT
i'm watchin you !!!
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07/04/10 5:51 PM GMT
good shot well done
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07/04/10 6:12 PM GMT
thank you i took this shot while in america
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07/06/10 9:48 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes Cherrel, I like this Gator shot a lot, you've captured a good reflection too.
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07/07/10 10:38 AM GMT
Perfectly centered! I like it!
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07/07/10 2:04 PM GMT
Good layout with the gator at the 1/3 line. Excellent clarity with the waves in the background slightly out of focus so they don't distract. Good shot!
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Jeff Hamilton
07/07/10 5:01 PM GMT
Wow...nice shot! The clarity in the gator and his eye is amazing! Love the reflection too.
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07/07/10 5:16 PM GMT
My eye was drawn directly to the alligator's eye. Great clarity and well composed. Oh...welcome to Caedes. :)
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Silence sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.
07/07/10 7:57 PM GMT
thank you for all your comments
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07/07/10 9:23 PM GMT
Love this photo. He's so sneaky looking. You caught a great shot with this one. And the water is gorgeous too. Welcome to caedes!! Verena
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