For dad  

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Uploaded: 08/20/08 5:15 AM GMT
For dad
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For months my dad had been tryin to get me to take a picture of this cactus growin right up through a fence post on one of our neighbors property fences. He thought he'd found somethin really clever & unusual for me to capture. So one day on the way into town he stops in the middle of the road & points out his find to me & so jumped out to see what the fuss was about. So here it is, for you dad:) Comments welcome:)


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08/20/08 6:11 AM GMT
A very unusual find!....and good that your dad spotted it!...I like the composition too, with the hay bales behind the post!...Nicely done..
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08/20/08 6:50 AM GMT
Excellent! Your Dad has an eye for the unusual! I LIKE this man. I have some similar shots to upload, but this knocks them flat for novelty factor. Well done.
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08/20/08 7:55 AM GMT
This is just fantastic!! I can see why he wanted you to take this photo. What a great cute...just precious all the way around. I like your Dad's viewpoint..and I love this photo. It ought to go into the contest..Costco has a contest each year called Give us Your Best Shot...I think you ought to consider entering this. It's awesome. Verena
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08/20/08 8:12 AM GMT
heheh, i wonder how that got there, neat shot and find by the pair of you. i like the whitewashed fencepost too.
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08/20/08 10:08 AM GMT
Very lovely and interesting find of your dad! He has a good eye for unusual things. Makes you wonder how it got there.
Great work!
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08/20/08 3:13 PM GMT
Great eye Dad, and great shot Jessica!
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08/22/08 3:44 AM GMT
This is really neat, Jes! Your father knows what he is talking about! lol
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09/08/13 2:21 PM GMT
unique capture!
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