Move over Golden Arches  

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Uploaded: 07/03/06 10:47 PM GMT
Move over Golden Arches
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Here's an old burger joint I found on US 41. I was going to just going to submit the sign as a close-up, but I had to get the building in the pic so you guys could see the character this burger joint had.


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07/04/06 12:21 AM GMT
I wonder if they had car hops! Cool building & sign... it makes me sad, and a bit nostalgic, when I see them deteriorating like this. Everything old is new again... maybe some entrepreneur with too much money to burn will buy it up and renovate?
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07/04/06 3:15 AM GMT
I know what you mean smoosh, I love the old architecture of that time period, lots of chrome and pastels, I also like the cars of that time period, the smooth sexy lines. You just don't see that anymore.
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07/04/06 11:34 AM GMT
Yup...late 50's/early 60's type architecture...I can still smell the fries cooking! Neat...
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07/05/06 8:06 AM GMT
It is a shame to to see little places like this close to big corporations. This is a great capture.
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07/08/06 12:24 AM GMT
Ahhh..sad to see the old places that used to be popular and full of activity. This burger joint has a look of the 60s.I still see similiar buildings-with that style and checkered colors. But something is always around the corner that will take its place. I enjoy seeing the old buildings..good series! Hope you keep finding these interesting old buildings :))
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07/10/06 12:34 AM GMT
Thanks bunny, that's one of my passions right now, going out and trying to capture the old, with the technology of the new. I would love to just travel all the old US Routes that have been replaced by Interstates and take pictures of things left behind, the days gone by. Keep them alive ya know.
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09/25/06 9:05 PM GMT
A classic. I hope you go out venturing for more oldies but goldies.
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05/11/10 7:27 AM GMT
Scott you did a wonderful job with this series I hope you get the chance to fallow your dream someday.
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