The Killing of Our Planet  

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The Killing of Our Planet
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We are losing Earth's greatest biological treasures just as we are beginning to appreciate their true value. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years. This is my tribute to the cause of saving what's left. For more info look it up on Wikipedia.


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07/16/06 11:29 PM GMT
Very nice picture and very memorable words. Great work.
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07/16/06 11:51 PM GMT
An unusual composition. Are the red lines of the satellite map supposed to represent "blood"... such as veins of the earth? Or am I seeing too much? The text is a little hard to read on the darker background, but has a strong message. Thanks for sharing.
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07/17/06 12:27 AM GMT
Yes, I agree with Smoosh - powerful message but will it stop the destruction ...?
Humans have always been the worst predators and most undesirable creatures on the Earth I am afraid ....
But on the other hand - Bach, Mozart and Bosch or Breughel or Shakespeare were humans too ...
Thanks and philosophical congratulations ...
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
07/17/06 3:05 AM GMT
I really appreciate your activism and information on this troubling subject. I think that the dark background and the lack of contrasting colors makes the image very hard to read. I think that using some brighter colors and larger text would improve the over all impact, and maybe something more dramatic visually would help too. Great subject, thanks for sharing.
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07/17/06 3:30 PM GMT
I agree with what everyone else has to say ... Nice creation and comments
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Touring the world one picture at a time.
07/17/06 8:10 PM GMT
This is something to think about...
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07/17/06 10:56 PM GMT
Thanks everyone, I wasn't as pleased with the results on this version and the suggestions will help me tweak it in. The message won't stop the human race from making waste of what was once paradise, a self sustaining planet, an art work in itself. Only when man has laid waste to most of the world will he come to his senses. Will it be to late? Or will man with his resourcefullness find a way to gradually bring the planet back to life?
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07/18/06 3:58 AM GMT
This is a great image and a great topic. Your words are excellent and I wish that people will learn one day. Thanks for sharing this image with us
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Suicide is man's way of tell God "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT."

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