Night Dreams  

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Uploaded: 11/27/11 8:39 AM GMT
Night Dreams
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As opposed to day dreams. Vue9. Comments and critiques welcome.


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11/27/11 3:52 PM GMT
Great composition, Chris.

Lighting is well done.


Lighting is well done, save for that of the figure lying down and engaged with the one fairy. The area looks over-processed to my eyes.

And ... you need better models.

... ...

... ...

Might have been tempted to lose the one fairy that is rising up. Without, all other elements kind of triangulate and guide viewer's eyes to the 'real' girl.

Apologies for being harsh in the above. Perhaps, some creative retooling is in order?
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11/27/11 10:41 PM GMT
Chris, I really like art that brings with it a story. Your works does that.

For example, you leave it up to us to determine why a lady, dress for an evening out, is reading a book in a mausoleum?

I like the use of the fairies as light sources, throughout. I also like the use of color, especially the "blues," scattered about.

I also liked the use of the negative space.

~~ John
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11/28/11 2:03 AM GMT
Excellent work here Chris. You got all the creative juices flowing well with this one.
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11/28/11 7:14 AM GMT
Bloody hell, that purmusic is harsh.


You might be aware of the information contained in the following linked vid tutorial. If not, well grab a cuppa and have a look/listen..

Night street [16:51]

In and around the 5:33 mark in.. adding/adjusting light to light standards:

And a note on selective use of Volumetric light(ing) later on.

Couple of keyboard shortcuts noted as well, with respect to duplicating placement of objects, etc.. Viewed a few other vids on Geekatplay Studio- "Light In Vue Tutorials". Good good stuff? Maybe?

I am curious if you tried or thought of post processing your render in Photoshop. My pea brain immediately thought of using the Diffuse Glow filter for the fairies and that of the girl/woman. Just a thought.
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11/28/11 1:48 PM GMT
I looked at this for a long time. :-) At first I didn't even notice the fairies (what does that say about me??) I looked at the girl and wondered what the light in front of her was.... then I saw the others. The drop shadows make the fairies look a bit 2D, but I understand they wouldn't have been distinguishable from their own glow without it. Very difficult. Perhaps the fairies themselves could be white shading to blue at the edge of the glows? Or maybe one or two could have been bigger (closer to the camera) so that it was clearer what they were... then the others could just be specks of light bobbing about in the darkness.

The best bit for me is the building in the background, particularly near the gate, with the soft night lighting... very atmospheric and detailed! A high level of realism that I can't achieve in Bryce right now. Nice work and a difficult subject. I hope you do well in the contest!
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11/28/11 10:38 PM GMT
OK, I dood it.

Downloaded your piece here.. and had a go in Photoshop. Employing a Layer, some Masking ... all creatively centered around the use of the Diffuse Glow Filter.

For the most part, as there was some further post processing.. that of a Shadow/Highlight adjustment drawing out a tad more detail/delineation of objects in spots.

Here are the results:

"Night Dreams" - reworked (goes without saying, 'reworked' is not the most apt descriptor)

I will say, foremost ... that the fairies were much clearer once in Photoshop and with the image zoomed at 100%, as opposed to viewing via the 'suggested'/recommended size from the site based on my monitor.

In the creative mucking about.. came to realize that which was sticking in me pea brain ... that of the girl's face. Specifically, the degree of lighting/illumination compared to that which appears in other areas within frame.

Not quite sure that it should be that subdued on the note of realism.

If you view the 'rework', you'll notice that her face and surrounding area is brightened up some. As with the other areas and sources of light ... the fairies, to compensate for such. (Balance and Weight being the primary creative considerations.)

Did have the thought, that a portico (i.e. ... "Welcome to the Tree of Knowledge") or window behind and above her ... might work towards providing a light source for illuminating her legs. As I now understand the placement/reason for the one fairy that is rising up above her legs.

Could use the opening (if a window ... perhaps, a lamp if a portico) to introduce the lighting substitute/source for that of the rising fairy.

Compositionally, adding a portico or window might tighten things up some (in my ever so humble opinion). And/or.. introduce some more visual interest in that area (peek at a star-filled night, moon and clouds, whatever).

Have to say, spending some more time with "Night Dreams" while in the editing chair and having viewed those vid tutorials ... came to a better understanding of Vue 9. And for the creative vision necessary in compositing a scene, let alone the time necessary to render.

... ...

... ...

Right, and done.

... ...


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11/29/11 4:50 AM GMT
Love the magical lighting. Very creative work, Chris & best wishes in the contest.
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11/30/11 6:19 PM GMT
Best of luck to you in the contest:)
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12/03/11 2:24 AM GMT
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The most precious jewel you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children♥
12/03/11 3:01 AM GMT
Congrats on the 2nd place. A well deserved honor!
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12/03/11 5:52 AM GMT
Congrats Chris.
Great compo.
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12/03/11 8:40 PM GMT

Congratulations for your stunning beautiful and fine work!
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12/05/11 11:10 AM GMT
Well done on your placing in the contest... it was wonderful to see it there. :-)
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