The Last Land  

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Uploaded: 12/24/11 7:57 AM GMT
The Last Land
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Vue9 composition. Comments and critiques welcome.


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12/24/11 10:11 AM GMT
Well, one of the things that I noticed initially.. was that of the one pillar mirroring the building in the distance, and how it framed the 'city'.

Then, the centered placement (more or less) of the figure.

And trying to 'get' the composition overall, why the lighted area.. why the shadowed area off to the right of midpoint. (Not sure that my mind is firing on all synapses.. so, have to forgive me on this point.)

Was it to.. create more of an atmosphere of loneliness, desperation, despair.. possibly? Contrast of two existences?

What I did find interesting, as well and in addition to the mood imparted with your image here.. is an alternative crop due to the happenstance of having viewed the largest resolution size (my monitor's native resolution is only 1152X864).


"The Last Land" - 'Zoomed in' / camera shift.


Part of me wants to rotate your image counter-clockwise some. Think it is the right-hand section trailing off and 'down' that creates a bit of an optical illusion. Maybe it is intentional... not the tilt perceived, that of leading to nothingness or 'less than' / what once was.

It's quite an imaginative piece. Stimulates all sorts of questions towards filling in the story.

Render is clean. Detail in both, highlighted areas and shadows.

... ...

Ahhh, and DoH!

Your title brought it together. Was over-thinking the technical side of things.

Very nice work, once again, Chris.
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12/24/11 10:43 AM GMT
Les, a wonderful and insightful comment as usual. I like the crop, it does bring an immediacy to the image although it also removes the loneliness to an extent.
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"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams - Gallery - Web Site - follow me on Twitter.
12/24/11 1:35 PM GMT
Your work is always well thought out and outstanding to view in my opinion. Well done.
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"If I should leave this path of life today, I would carry the vision of Gods' rose blooms with me as I go......" -- Stan V. Griep
12/24/11 2:39 PM GMT
For me, it brings the thought of where true east of Eden may lay. Is Utopia in the city on the water? Or, is it on the island with the only visible tree?

Can happiness be found in either place or is happiness an inner value that environments cannot influence? Art with questions, a speciality of your work.
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12/25/11 4:59 AM GMT
Very impressive work. We seem headed this way, at least on the coastlines. Enjoyed this.
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12/25/11 9:20 PM GMT
Really a beautiful piece of art work! :D Faved!
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12/27/11 7:05 AM GMT
Powerful, dreamy and captivating image Chris!!!!!!!!!!
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