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Uploaded: 04/02/13 8:52 AM GMT
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Dormant trees against a mixed sky. I like the feel of the narrow twisted branches against the smoother abstract sky. Posted as B&W only because the colour version lacked any real colour apart from some patches of blue that did not seem to help the image. The subject matter has been done to death and so not very original and not a particularly good example of the genre. Reasonable use of dynamic range. Overall I give it a 6/10. Comments, critiques, marks and reasons most welcome.


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04/03/13 6:54 PM GMT
You are your own worst critic, Chris. The gnarled branches on the leafless trees with that cloudy sky makes a wonderful example of your skills in using black and white.

Your right. The subject matter is less than original. However, I have two things to say about that. First of all, how many truly original shots do you see on Caedes or anywhere else? Secondly, few people have your skill set or your eye for the dramatic.

I'm more apt to give it a solid 8.725.
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04/08/13 6:24 AM GMT
Why not add a rippled water effect; then you could have done two types of image to death at the same time. And add the silhouette of a soaring bird in the open spot of sky. A nice b/w presentation.
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04/28/13 12:44 AM GMT
A few weeks ago, I tried shooting a similar image, with less successful results. Nice one, Chris!
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