my first attempt at a night time shot  

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Uploaded: 12/12/12 9:05 PM GMT
my first attempt at a night time shot
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this is my first attempt at taking a photo of this flower at night myself i think this looks good to me but am always open to advise on what i could do to improve my work.


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12/13/12 1:01 AM GMT
Spectacular night shot, mine turned out terrible. Love the lighting and colours, right into favs
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Have a Sunny Day
12/13/12 1:19 AM GMT
I think it looks wonderful . Beautiful color that pops right off the screen with the black background. Nice camera work.
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12/13/12 1:38 AM GMT
Looks great! with a flash I take it?
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I Love Cloudy Days
12/13/12 4:34 PM GMT
Very nice Dale you have captured the natural colours and the detail is not bad you can see taken shot of flowers with a dark background help to lift the colours of the flowers.
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12/14/12 12:17 AM GMT
Very nice work. I like the lighting.
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01/09/13 1:27 AM GMT
Seems good to me. Lovely colours in the flowers and a nice DoF in the photo.
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