Crystal 1  

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Crystal 1
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Just messing with 3D Studio. I only used one sphere and one cube for this image. Can you find the cube?


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
I have searched for 1280x1024 wallpaper for days and by far this is the best site I have come across. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to use..I like them all..keep up the good work. Hope your making more


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
Wonderful display.Thanks,Shirley


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
I think i'm in the wrong place


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03/15/02 2:30 AM GMT
This wallpaper kicks major ass...thanks a lot for making it.
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05/24/02 12:20 AM GMT
no i can't find the damn cube and i have been lookin for 2 hours now!!!!!!!! u expact us to find the damn cube???????????????????? have a nice day!
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08/27/02 4:51 PM GMT
yeah where is the cube
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10/13/02 9:09 PM GMT
word to the that people. i can't find the cube either! i need some direction...
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01/26/03 6:39 AM GMT
the cube is the colection of circles in a cube pattern
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Once again the world is in hold of evil the question is who will free it?
02/16/03 3:28 PM GMT
does it ever end?
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02/26/03 4:27 PM GMT
The cube wall is the red spheres right up front that are in orderly lines, they hold everything in the distance. The space in the middle of the image is a division between two different cubes. Thats how I see it =).
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05/14/03 1:50 PM GMT
That's a big cube.....
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
05/14/03 1:51 PM GMT
That's a big cube.....nice one Caedes
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
05/14/03 1:54 PM GMT
arg...multiple posts....doomed I am
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
05/18/03 2:02 AM GMT
All4hollaz, in a finite universe, yes, theoretically, no
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- Jest Mi 2 Sense
05/20/03 12:48 AM GMT
it's kind of mesmerizing. VERY nice
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...let me show you the light...
06/09/03 2:50 AM GMT
wow I really like this one...whozurdoggy, pibs:-)

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06/19/03 1:13 AM GMT
Thats a pretty rightous picture nice work
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08/05/03 4:08 AM GMT
looks like something from the matrix movie
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08/07/03 6:05 AM GMT
LOL i think you really pissed that one guy off Caedes lol Awsome pic its a hell of a lot of spheres lol
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A.K.A. "Champ"
08/15/03 6:06 PM GMT
nice prepective
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01/24/04 3:07 AM GMT
As a research nerd in the area of electronic materials....I have to say breathtaking. Hey could you perhaps design one of these to emphasize channels in (100) Silicon?
Great work!!
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01/31/04 9:04 PM GMT
Excellente! I tend to like darker wallpaper for the desktop and this does a nice job.
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03/25/04 1:59 AM GMT
Awesome image and wonderful design. Well can you even see the damn cube?!
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On average, half of all false teeth have some form of radioactivity.
10/02/04 9:01 PM GMT
It looks like a cross between inside the Borg ship and the hatchery in the Matrix. Erie...and existential. Nicely realized. Thanks.
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03/13/06 2:54 AM GMT
Interesting look at the infinite. Makes a nice desktop background.
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03/31/06 2:06 PM GMT
Hey Mr. Caedes. Just wanted to congratulate you on finally being honored in the artist of week capacity, as I believe I voted for you the first week. Your greatest contribution around here may not be your images, but this community is definitely a work of art.

I do like to pay each AOTW's gallery a visit and pick an image I haven't seen before to comment on. This particular image has a very epic appeal to me. Reminds me of something from an alien movie where you start to realize just how big the inside of one of those spaceships is. Nice work on this image, and moreover on Keep it up.
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04/23/06 2:42 PM GMT
so infinite
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01/25/10 11:42 AM GMT
awesome work
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty

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