Hidden Falls (RW)  

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Uploaded: 09/20/04 3:18 AM GMT
Hidden Falls (RW)
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origional here by Mayne. what i did to this was cut out the leaves, and log, to another layer, then used a smudge tool to blur the water along natural lines. then because i was too lazy to make a proper selection with gradients to blur properly i just used the blur brush to shorten the depth of field, and get rid of noise.


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09/20/04 4:06 AM GMT
Wow, I like it. No worries, just a better explanation of the procedure you used in the comment area would be nice. I am a little curious;-)
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09/21/04 10:01 PM GMT
i like it. don't know which one i like the best. great job! must be nice to be able to fiddle with things to get them just right.
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jem184 "only you can make your dreams come true!"
10/13/04 6:24 PM GMT
I downloaded the two images and I looked them with big size to see the difference.
Very subtle work! :-)
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06/21/05 3:53 AM GMT
nice! the tweaks look good :D
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...And the cow went "MOO!"
06/21/05 7:01 PM GMT
It's beautiful!
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11/16/05 7:32 AM GMT
i don't see the purpose of the rework both look good to me
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07/21/07 2:51 AM GMT
Very nice!!!
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