Bristlecone Pine Tree in the Clouds RW  

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Uploaded: 03/03/05 5:47 AM GMT
Bristlecone Pine Tree in the Clouds RW
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thanks to fotobob for allowing me to upload a bit of a rework to his image this is just two levels adjustment layers, one to bring out the tree, the other to make the foreground levels fall off to the origional background smoothly, according to the tree.


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03/03/05 6:21 AM GMT
I appreciate your request for allowing you to do a rework on this image. I personally feel that the image has now lost it's feeling of the viewer being engulfed in the clouds. I feel,as I look at this, that there is a cloud bank over the hill and a tree in the foreground. I think that it is to sterile. As I mentioned to you, I photograph what I feel. I do however bow to your likes as well as others. That is why there is more than one photographer on this site. I guess we will have to wait until the comments are all in. Thank you for asking me to do this. It has been fun to see the results that you described to me.
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03/03/05 6:28 AM GMT
I really like the touch ups you did on this. There are some Bristlecone Pine Trees in Eastern Nevada that date back to well over 5 thousand years old. By far the oldest living creature on the face of this earth.
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03/03/05 7:34 AM GMT
Nice rework Carl!
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03/03/05 8:22 AM GMT
I understand what Robert mean. It's still a wonderful RW. I think it adds a nice touch. If I hadn't seen the original I wouldn't have known it had been edited and that is the finest thing I can say about a touchup.
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03/03/05 10:26 AM GMT
I agree with Klas that had I not seen the original first, I would not have realized there was any PS work -- your filter work is subtle and effective. I also like the original very much, as it has perhaps a more mysterious and forlorn, moody feel.
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03/03/05 11:12 AM GMT
Good morning
So much of what we appreciate is personal taste. The rework is very good and has brought out much that was hidden in the original, but I still prefer the original. There is a different feel in this image, it tells a different story, one that is, to me, more of defiance in the face of the elements, while the original speaks more of things that bend and blend with the elements.
Another day, when my mood has again shifted, I may find that I enjoy the rework more. And that is part of the pleasure in and of art.
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03/03/05 2:02 PM GMT
Carl, this is a subtle touch up yes, but I also agree, that I prefer the dreamy feeling that I got from the original. None the less you did great work on the changes.
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03/03/05 6:16 PM GMT
When I viewed the original image my first reaction was to try to see the detail in the tree but after a moment and backing away I found it right.A very good job and a matter of preference but I like the origanal .
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03/03/05 10:05 PM GMT
I'll second fotobob on this, I personally prefer the hazy, mysterious look but hats off to Carl for a really good rework. Although, the original could use a bit of a saturation boost.
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03/04/05 12:17 AM GMT
It is, without exception, a wonderful RW. Your edit on the tree is fine an example of PS talent. Comparing both images ... in yours I see the details ... in the original I feel the fog. Between the two I'm going with the photo that makes me feel like I'm there.
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03/06/05 2:00 PM GMT
Another gray Ohio morning I studied both PhotoBob's original and Carl's rework for a bit. They are very different photos and I like them both...but for different reasons. In the original, the Bristlecone seems to be engulfed in the mist tied visually to the background. So the overall impression is (as intended) a sense of being IN the clouds with the foreground pine and the trees in the background. To me, Carl's rework makes the photo much more about the Bristlecone itself. I find myself visually lingering on it and my eyes go much less to the background. Can't say either photo is "better", but it is absolutely stunning how much some rather subtle changes to one element of the shot alter my visual and emotional response.
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03/06/05 6:46 PM GMT
its always difficult to rework somone elses work, I think that it stands alone as "your" vision.
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03/19/05 2:14 AM GMT
it is a fine picture on it's own, but i like the original...
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11/22/05 2:22 AM GMT
Tough subject. :-)
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12/02/05 12:29 AM GMT
Frankly, I like both of them, but they are too different to compare. The original is, like the artist said, very dreamy and hazy. It evokes a hovering feeling for me; as if I'm overlooking the whole forest. The foreground tree is just another tree. The piece is a unified whole that looks very natural.

But the rework is beautiful, too. There is a define focus in the RW, which pulls the viewer down to earth and out of the clouds, so to speak. When I first saw the RW, it looked just a little bit surreal -- more art than photo. I like that about it.

Soooo... I say, stop comparing them, assuming that one needs to be "better" than the other. You're comparing apples and pcs, my friends.
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02/06/06 6:08 PM GMT
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02/25/06 7:39 PM GMT
I am grateful to God for creating this place and allowing you to capture it like this.
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05/11/06 7:39 PM GMT
Very beautiful shot, nice rework.
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09/24/06 4:21 AM GMT
I agree also the remake is awesome but the original tells a whole new story one that I would want to tell over and over again.
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12/18/07 5:26 AM GMT
isn't the Bristlecone Pine like the second oldest tree on earth? hn, oh well. nice picture.
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10/26/09 5:30 PM GMT
This would be a great picture for the poem I wrote years ago called "one tree"
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05/08/10 8:02 PM GMT
It was so good to see this on the opening page of caedes today.
I remember, Bob, when you posted this. And when Romane wrote a beautiful poem for this. I agree with you, the softness of the fog is important, and I like that one better. Verena
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