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Uploaded: 11/05/05 4:53 AM GMT
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I took this picture at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The day was cloudy and this specific exibition was surrounded by trees. I used the wrog F-stop on my camera. Also, there was some interference between the camera and the subject. You can see in the before and after pictures the dramatic change that a little photoshop can create. First: I used the AUTO LEVELS, which is the easyest step of the process. this lightens the photo and its easier to see what you want to modify. Second: I used CLONE STAMP to get rid of most of the fence, the trick is to use the size of brush that extends just over the fence wire. You also want to make sure and use the correct area to clone over the fence, you don't want to have a lot of repetition. I recomend using random places to clone, being careful not to use different tones! Third: Enhancing the color of the subject. I used the "BURN" and "DODGE" tool to darken the tiger stripes "BURN" and "DODGE" tool to make its fur clear. Also, on this same step you want to use the "REPLACE COLOR" to add color to the subjects fur. making sure that you chose the right color to "raplece" this is basically to your taste. on this step you can get rid of the fence that is over the subjects fur. Forth: Bluring the background which helps if you had a hard time using the clone stamp. On this shot I felt it looked better! Is a tedious proces, since you must have patince. But the outcome of the picture can be seen on the before and after picture. You can see the final product at high resolution HERE . please visit and vote let me know what you think! I hope this was useful! By the way Im using photoshop CS on my Mac. For more information you can send me a message. your vote is very important!


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11/05/05 5:28 AM GMT
Fantastic David ! What a beautiful shot it turned out to be ! Thanks for the tips. It looks like 2 completely different photos to me. You did a wonderful job, thanks for telling us all how you did it,
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11/05/05 6:02 AM GMT
Oh isn't he gorgeous! I love the editing and the explanation was wonderful. I just got the Gimp and have been fiddling around with it in my free time...but I don't understand hardly any of it. Some of the terms you used are on the Gimp maybe I will understand them a little more clearly! =) But back to the photo...I love the before and after. I checked out the full's wonderful! Great job catching this cat in this pose, it's very cool. Great job, keep it up!
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11/05/05 3:17 PM GMT
Impresive and Wonderful work. Definitivamente, estas haciendo un excelente trabajo, te felicito, muy buena restorarion....Bravo!!!!!
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11/05/05 5:42 PM GMT
Great effort and wonderful result. Moreover I guess we are all very thankful for the practical advice on photo editing. It seems so easy when you write it, lol.
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11/06/05 5:00 PM GMT
I'm in awe! Kudos! I would never even have tried to touch it up myself. I'll study your description closely again and see if I can remember it next time I need to do something of this magnitude.
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11/08/05 3:57 AM GMT
Excellent rework David, the colors are great and the clone work is flawless.
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11/08/05 5:55 AM GMT
I know the time you put into this, believe me. I appreciate the before/after offering. Learning to "fix" photos is invaluable in my opinion. You will save many a photo worth saving as you've well shown with your Mr. and Mrs. Photos. The only thing on this one is that I think you may have missed some fencing at the bottom and right corner. The composition is just right.
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11/08/05 12:03 AM GMT
I can't believe the before/after difference! Amazing! Thank you so much for the invaluable information!
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take a walk with me in Sifnos
11/10/05 10:36 AM GMT
The before/after difference is great work and yes I'am trying to work with photoshop 7. Its a example. So thanks David.
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11/11/05 11:33 PM GMT
Bravo for the tutorial. Thanks, my friend.
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11/11/05 11:41 PM GMT
One question: How long did this take?
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11/12/05 1:07 AM GMT
Thanks every one for the comments, I really appreciate it. This particular image took me about 1 hour. If you have seen my gallery before, "Predator" took me about 2 hours. Again thank you for the comments.

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11/13/05 7:14 AM GMT
if you are really experienced in PS, YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING IN ONLY 10-15 MINUTES :) So, keep on practicing ;)
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---Cheers, Boris---
11/13/05 7:30 AM GMT
There is no way! at least 30-45 min. The detail on the tigers fur takes the most time, everything else (cloning stamp, auto levels, blur) can be done in under 10 minutes easily. The replace color, healing brush, burn, and dodge. Has to be done in different steps, that takes time. I mean not that its not possible, though you might use a different technique. I estimated the time since, I did not do it all at once. I do concider my self an experienced photoshop user, I might not be the best one. I could do it in 15 minutes, but the results would not be the same. There is always something new to learn.

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11/16/05 6:42 AM GMT
i wouldn't believe that wasn't an untouched picture unless i had seen your before/after pic. I am so impressed and inspired! It makes me realize all the pictures I have that are hidden gold, and just need some work. Thanks for your thorough explanation
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12/07/05 1:58 AM GMT
OK come now children, stop arguing on the difficulty and time it takes to do something like this. Personally, this is an awesome treansformation from having a wrong f-stop and a fence in the way to a brilliant, bright picture that looks like you had to go out on african safari to find. Great job david!
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02/24/06 12:10 AM GMT
Great image =)
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03/15/06 4:22 AM GMT
amazing photoshop job. if you can do this, what can't you do? :)
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if at first you don't succeed, you're about normal.
03/31/06 6:46 PM GMT
Excellent job. All I need now is a "burning and dodging for dummies" tutorial and I will be ready to go!
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05/02/06 6:25 AM GMT
Thanks for the tips! I know I've had pics in the past that I thought would look good if it wasn't for fencing-type stuff interfering. It's great to know how I can get around that now. Great job!
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07/14/07 11:42 PM GMT
I can't tell the rework if you hadn't mention it. Great job!
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07/18/07 6:53 AM GMT
Thanks a lot!! Very helpful tutorial :D

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06/17/08 5:25 PM GMT
Very nice! I seem to never ever get my photos to look the way
I'd like, but your info hopefully will be helpful. Wish
me luck and thanks again....
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02/07/09 6:04 PM GMT
Very well done it must have been time comsuming but well worth it nice pic
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02/11/09 5:51 AM GMT
thank you for stopping by! it took patience more than anything!
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12/16/09 5:49 AM GMT
great job u amazing keep it up...
& good luck ^_^
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