Broken Beauty  

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Uploaded: 12/28/06 7:00 AM GMT
Broken Beauty
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This is pretty basic I guess. I don't really feel this is better than the last, but i'm hoping you'll like it all the same.


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12/28/06 10:16 AM GMT
This is so lovely! I love how the blue colour seems to be "floating" against the other backdrop. Like a combination star and flowerburst. I really like this. Altho I think a different background might have enhanced it a bit...such as a darker blue or maybe even white or purple...dark purple...but in any case, I DO like the star effect a lot...verena
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12/28/06 11:06 PM GMT
So beautiful...I can't think of anyway that I would change it. It looks so good on my 'puter screen!
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12/29/06 8:23 AM GMT
I love the stark contrast and choice of colors here. Very nicely done.
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12/29/06 11:14 PM GMT
Beautiful flower and very interesting background. I like the idea you have going here. I do think this looks a little too much like one image plonked on top of another, so I'm wondering if there is some way you could sustain the contrast while making the juxtaposition seem less artificial. Just a thought and I like it as it is. The blue is wonderful.

Not sure about the title, mind - beauty seems pretty healthy and whole here!

- cfr
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12/29/06 11:48 PM GMT
Great image. Saw it in Voting Booth (10/10) Love the contrast in color and texture.
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12/31/06 2:09 AM GMT
That is amazing... I don't know how you made the flower, but it's literaly glowing. And the background is starkly different: the textures are sharp, the color is different. amazing.
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01/06/07 6:24 PM GMT
It looks great! Colors fit together nicely. What program you're using, if I may ask?
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01/14/07 9:31 PM GMT
I like how you smudged the flower's underside with dark blue. Makes it blend into the gray nicely. I also think the barbed wire is a nice touch. Good job!
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02/20/07 4:01 AM GMT
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04/27/07 11:32 PM GMT
Beautiful render enjoy much the barbed wire background with stunning blues. Very good.
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05/17/07 11:39 PM GMT
Oh this is nice, thanks. The colors go so well.
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05/18/07 7:44 PM GMT
i love it
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06/02/07 7:32 PM GMT
She is a beauty alright...simply WOW
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07/07/07 10:27 PM GMT
whoa ... that's awesome!!

Love the blues :)
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09/22/07 2:28 PM GMT
Wow...that's lovely :) Favs ~Sarah
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12/21/07 9:17 PM GMT
i love this image, blues and greys always appeal to me.
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02/07/08 7:40 PM GMT
I love the barbed wire around the edges. The only tweak I think it needs is the removal of the two little dots in the middle of the white. I'm afraid I'm slightly anal lol. This is beautiful work.
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08/03/08 11:25 PM GMT
This is amazing, easily one of my favourite pieces here. I love the delicacy of the flower with the darkness in the background and the barbed wire. Awesome!
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06/15/09 7:52 PM GMT
Some might see is as basic but I see it as a really nice desktop wallpaper. It's just busy enough to keep ones attention butnot so much that you lose your shortcuts. Great work :-)
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09/04/09 12:10 AM GMT
Stunning beautiful. I absolutely love this. This is awesome! My favorite color is blue, and I dont really care for barbed wire (long story) but I really like what you have done with this!
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